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Research Gallery > The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA)

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The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA)

Photogrammetry survey
Image Credit: Philippe Raffin
Photogrammetry survey
Pictures of a number of targets on the platform are taken from the basket of a cherry picker, while the hexapod is driven to different elevations. Relative positions of the targets provide a measure of the deformation of the platform.
The AMiBA project was first funded in 2000. By the end of 2002, a two-element prototype was installed on Mauna Loa to test the design concept and the performance of various components. The site on Mauna Loa was acquired in 2003. The civil work on site was completed at the end of 2004. The carbon fiber platform was delivered in 2005, and mated to the mount. Since early 2006, seven receivers along with the correlator and related electronics have been installed on the platform and have become operational. The photo shows photogrammetry being performed on the carbon fiber platform in order to measure its deformation under gravitational loading by the attached reflectors, receivers, and electronics.
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