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2018-11-19Academia Sinica Frontiers of Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series - Black Hole Astrophysics in the New Era of Gravitational Waves
2019-01-21East-Asia AGN Workshop 2019
2019-03-11Panchromatic Panoramic Studies of Galaxy Clusters: from HSC to PFS and ULTIMATE
Tech Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~13:00 [R1203]
Dozens-of-nanometer Gaps and Lines Definition by Electron Beam Lithography
Wang, Chun-Lun (ASIAA)
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Dust dynamics in protoplanetary disks
Min-Kai Lin (ASIAA)
Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~13:00 [R1203]
The discovery of the most diffuse galaxy in the Universe
Gabriel Torrealba (ASIAA)
Special Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Hunting for dark matter substructure in Strong lensing with Neural networks
Joshua Yao-Yu Lin (UIUC)
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Dynamics at the Galactic Center: Super Massive Black hole and Millions of Stars Re'em Sari (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
MOST Outstanding Research Award
Dr. Chin-Fei Lee has won 2017 MOST Outstanding Research Award2019 Academia Sinica Investigator Award
Dr. Teppei Okumura has won 2019 AS Career Development Award
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