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Research Awards

Dr. Chin-Fei Lee has won 2017 MOST Outstanding Research Award2018-04-17
Drs. Ying-Tung Chen and Ya-Wen Tang have won 2017 MOST Research Award for Postdocs2018-04-17
Academician Paul Ho receives Humboldt Research Award2016-12-21
Drs. Lee, Wing Kit and Neelamkodan, Naslim have won 2015 "MOST Research Award for Postdocs".2016-01-19
IAA Advisory Panelist Academician Yuk Ling Yung Awarded 2015 Gerard P. Kuiper Prize2015-09-01
IAA Advisory Panelist Dr. Doug Lin has been awarded the Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.2015-07-09
Dr. Kemper, Francisca has won 2014 "Academia Sinica Awards for Junior Research Investigators".2014-06-05
Director Paul Ho is awarded the 1st ASROC "Heaven Quest Award" for his distinguished contribution to astronomical research2014-05-22
Dr. Hyosun Kim has been awarded NSC 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow Outstanding Publication Award.2013-05-01
Dr. Nobuhiro Okabe and Dr. Keiichi Umetsu won the Excellent Paper Award of Publication of the Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ).2013-03-22
Associate Research Fellow Keiichi Umetsu has won 2011 "Academia Sinica Awards for Junior Research Investigators".2007-06-14
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