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Newspaper Articles (2013)

Media Coverage ReportALMA found the youngest proto-planetary disk2013-12-27
United Daily清大教授發現最年輕行星盤2013-12-27
Media Coverage ReportApproaching the Speed of Light: M87 Jet2013-12-26
China TimesApproaching the Speed of Light: M87 Jet2013-12-26
Media Coverage ReportA Fluffy Disk Around a Baby Star - Media Coverage Report2013-08-27
Media Coverage ReportTaiwan Astronomers Jointly Developed New Instrument to Take First Ultra High Resolution Colored Image of Andromeda Galaxy Media Coverage Report PDF2013-08-01
Media Coverage ReportCosmic giants shed light on dark matter2013-06-14
Media Coverage ReportConstruction Begins on TAOS-2, a Large-Scale Cooperative Astronomical Observation Project among Taiwan, Mexico, and USA2013-05-10
United Daily中研院參加的國際天文計畫2013-04-08
United DailyALMA 望遠鏡 從墾丁看到101上硬幣2013-03-19
Media Coverage ReportALMA Inaugurated: Taiwan's Contribution Recognized in World's Largest Astronomical Telescope Project Media Coverage Report (March 17~19)2013-03-19
United Daily銀弹不一定萬能: 超完美研究計畫挖來超大咖2013-03-11
Media Coverage Report"Rare Carbon Molecule Detected in Dying Star Gives Glimpse of Stellar Evolution" Media Coverage Report PDF2013-03-06
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