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Newspaper Articles (2014)

Asahi Shimbun双子星、ガス取り込み成長 アルマ望遠鏡が観測2014-12-11
Yomiuri Shimbun謎多い「双子星」成長の様子、世界で初めて観測2014-12-09
China Times恆星雙胞胎誕生 全球首拍2014-12-05
Media Coverage ReportWeb_media_coverage2014-12-05
Media Coverage ReportRelated News Clippings (2014/11/7~13)2014-11-14
China Times最大天文望遠鏡 拍到行星毛孔2014-11-08
United Daily拍攝恆星 史上最清晰2014-11-08
Liberty Times行星怎形成 拍到啦2014-11-08
Apple Daily行星形成過程 中研院拍到了2014-11-08
United Evening News有圖有真相 解開行星形成之謎2014-11-07
Media Coverage ReportDiscovery of Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe2014-08-08
Media Coverage ReportAcademia, Japan to collaborate on space research2014-01-18
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