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The onset of an extra-solar system – feeding a baby star with a dusty hamburger

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[新版天聞網] 一個正在孕育的太陽系:目擊胚胎恆星正在吸食「塵埃漢堡」
"Space Hamburger" Imaged Around a Young Star for the First Time by ASIAA Astronomers
[NAOJ] The onset of an extra-solar system - feeding a baby star with a dusty hamburger
[ALMA] Feeding a Baby Star with a Dusty Hamburger
[公視 4/20 晚間新聞] 天文新發現 觀測吸積盤階段原恆星
[法國.Ciel & Espace] Première image d’une jeune étoile au cœur d’Orion
[NewsBeat Social] LOOK: First image of baby star eating 'space hamburger
[捷克.網媒] Vesmírné chutě: Mladičkou planetární soustavu obklopuje kosmický hamburger
Nebular Hypothesis Validated; ALMA Images Shed Light On Formation Of Stars, Planets From Accretion Disks
[德國 Spiegel] Kosmischer "Hamburger" entdeckt
[The Verge] Hungry young star seen munching down on a ‘space hamburger’ for the first time
[Space.com] Space Hamburger' Spotted in Astronomical First
[Universe Today] First Detailed Image Of Accretion Disk Around A Young Star
[Xinhua] Baby star seen eating "space hamburger" for first time
[台視] 胚胎恆星啃塵埃漢堡中研院解謎團
[華視] 中研院觀測 恆星寶寶啃"漢堡"
[Popular Science] Cosmic 'hamburger' gives scientists a rare view of a newborn solar system
[Russia News Today] Astronomers have found a giant «hamburger» in the constellation of Orion
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