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Is FS Tau B Driving an Asymmetric Jet?
Neon Fine-Structure Line Emission from the Outflows of Young Stellar Objects
RW Aur A from the X-Wind Point of View: General Features
Velocity-Resolved [Ne III] from X-ray Irradiated Sz 102 Microjets
Unified Model for Jets and Outflows from Young Stars
Liu, Chun-Fan
TIARA Supporting Scientist
photo of Liu, Chun-Fan
Office: ASMAB 1201
TEL: +886-2-2366-5382
FAX: +886-2-2367-7849

Education and Positions

  • TIARA Junior Supporting Scientist, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica (2015~present)
  • Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Astrophysics, National Taiwan University (2008~2015)

Research Interests

Optical/Infrared diagnostics of jets from T Tauri stars, Radiative transfer simulations of line and continuum emission from protostellar jets and disks

Recent Journal Papers

  1. Gully-Santiago MA; Herczeg GJ; Czekala I; ...; Liu C-F, "Placing the spotted T Tauri star LkCa 4 on an HR diagram" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 836(2), 200 (23 pp), 2017-02 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  2. Liu C-F; Shang H; Herczeg GJ; Walter FM, "The [Ne III] Jet of DG Tau and Its Ionization Scenarios" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 832(2), 153 (15pp), 2016-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  3. Liu C-F; Shang H; Walter FM; Herczeg GJ, "Velocity-Resolved [Ne III] from X-Ray Irradiated Sz 102 Microjets" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 786(2), 99 (14pp), 2014-05 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  4. Liu C-F; Shang H, "RW Aur A from the X-Wind Point of View: General Features" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 761(2), 94 (15pp), 2012-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  5. Liu C-F; Shang H; Pyo T-S; Takami M; Walter FM; Yan C-H; Wang S-Y; Ohashi N; Hayashi M, "Is FS Tau B Driving an Asymmetric Jet?" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 749(1), 62 (6pp), 2012-04 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  6. Shang H; Glassgold AE; Lin W-C; Liu C-F, "Ne II Fine-structure Line Emission from the Outflows of Young Stellar Objects" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 714(2), 1733-1739, 2010-05 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  7. Shang H; Allen A; Li Z-Y; Liu C-F; Chou M-Y; Anderson J, "A Unified Model of Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 649(2), 845-855, 2006-10 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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