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The circumstellar disk of AB Aurigae: evidence for envelope accretion at late stages of star formation?
Carbon-chain and Organic Molecules around Very Low Luminosity Protostellar Objects of L1521F-IRS and IRAM 04191+1522
Rotating Gas Motion around Protostars
Two SMA antennas built in Taiwan
The Submillimeter Array
The Submillimeter Array
Signing Ceremony between NINS and AS
Images of circumstellar disks around Herbig Ae stars, obtained in 345 GHz dust emission (contours) using the SMA
Dewar of the ALMA receiver
Conceptual image of ALMA
Ohashi, Nagayoshi
Research Fellow (Temporary Transfer: Associate Director, Subaru Telescope of NAOJ in Hawaii)
photo of Ohashi, Nagayoshi
Office: Subaru Telescope of NAOJ in Hawaii
Email: ohashi_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Education and Positions

  • Associate Director and Professor, Subaru Telescope (2011~present)
  • Research Fellow, ASIAA (2007~present)
  • Assistant Director, ASIAA (2008~2011)
  • ALMA-Taiwan Project Manager (2005~2011)
  • SMART/SMA-Taiwan Project Scientist (2000~2011)
  • Associate Research Fellow, ASIAA (2000~2007)
  • Assistant Research Fellow, ASIAA (1997~2000)
  • Submillimeter Array Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (1994~1997)
  • JSPS Fellowship, Nobeyama Radio Observatory (1992~1994)
  • Ph.D., Physics, Nagoya University (1992)
  • M.S., Physics, Nagoya University (1989)

Honors & Awards

  • NSC (Taiwan) Research Award (1999~2000)
  • The Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ) Young Astronomer Award (1999)

Research Interests

How stars like the Sun and planets like the Earth are formed? In order to answer this question, I have been using radio telescopes, particularly radio interferometers, to observe nearby star and planet forming regions. Radio interferometers allow us to observe fine structures of dense cores and disks where stars and planets form. In order to have better observational tools, I also have been working to build radio telescopes (Submillimeter Array and Atacama Millimeter and Submillimeter Array). My near future goal is to image protoplanetary disks at a resolution of 0.01”.

Recent Journal Papers

  1. Yen Hsi-Wei, Zhao Bo, Koch Patrick M., Krasnopolsky Ruben, Li Zhi-Yun, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Takakuwa Shigehisa, "Constraint on ion–neutral drift velocity in the Class 0 protostar B335 from ALMA observations" , Astronomy & Astrophysics: 615, A58, 2018-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  2. Soam A; Pattle K; Ward-Thompson D; ...; Koch PM; ...; Lai SP; ...; Rao R; ...; Chen R-H; ....; Kemper F; ...; Liu SY; ...; Ohashi N; ...; Tang YW; ...; Yen HW; et al., "Magnetic Fields toward Ophiuchus-B Derived from SCUBA-2 Polarization Measurements" , The Astrophysical Journal: 861(1), 65, 2018-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  3. Maury A J, Girart J M, Zhang Q, Hennebelle P, Keto E, Rao R, Lai S-P, Ohashi N, Galametz M, "Magnetically regulated collapse in the B335 protostar? I. ALMA observations of the polarized dust emission" , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: 477(2), 2760-2765, 2018-06 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  4. Aso Yusuke, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Aikawa Yuri, Machida Masahiro N., Saigo Kazuya, Saito Masao, Takakuwa Shigehisa, Tomida Kengo, Tomisaka Kohji, Yen Hsi-Wei, Williams Jonathan P., "ALMA Observations of SMM11 Reveal an Extremely Young Protostar in Serpens Main Cluster" , The Astrophysical Journal: 850(1), L2, 2017-11 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  5. Aso Yusuke, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Aikawa Yuri, Machida Masahiro N., Saigo Kazuya, Saito Masao, Takakuwa Shigehisa, Tomida Kengo, Tomisaka Kohji, Yen Hsi-Wei, "ALMA Observations of the Protostar L1527 IRS: Probing Details of the Disk and the Envelope Structures" , The Astrophysical Journal: 849(1), 56, 2017-11 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  6. Tang Y-W*; Guilloteau S; Dutrey A; ...; Gu PG; ...; Ho PTP; ...; Ohashi N; et al., "Planet Formation in AB Aurigae: Imaging of the Inner Gaseous Spirals Observed inside the Dust Cavity" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 840(1), 32, 2017-05 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  7. Yen Hsi-Wei, Koch Patrick M., Takakuwa Shigehisa, Krasnopolsky Ruben, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Aso Yusuke, "SIGNS OF EARLY-STAGE DISK GROWTH REVEALED WITH ALMA" , The Astrophysical Journal: 834(2), 178, 2017-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  8. Aso Yusuke, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Saigo Kazuya, Koyamatsu Shin, Aikawa Yuri, Hayashi Masahiko, Machida Masahiro N., Saito Masao, Takakuwa Shigehisa, Tomida Kengo, Tomisaka Kohji, Yen Hsi-Wei, "ALMA OBSERVATIONS OF THE TRANSITION FROM INFALL MOTION TO KEPLERIAN ROTATION AROUND THE LATE-PHASE PROTOSTAR TMC-1A" , The Astrophysical Journal: 812(1), 27, 2015-10 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  9. Yen Hsi-Wei, Takakuwa Shigehisa, Koch Patrick M., Aso Yusuke, Koyamatsu Shin, Krasnopolsky Ruben, Ohashi Nagayoshi, "NO KEPLERIAN DISK >10 AU AROUND THE PROTOSTAR B335: MAGNETIC BRAKING OR YOUNG AGE?" , The Astrophysical Journal: 812(2), 129, 2015-10 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  10. ALMA Partnership; Fomalont EB; Vlahakis C; ...; Matsushita S; …; Espada D.; …; Chapillon E; ...; Hasegawa T; ...; Ohashi N; ...; Huang Y-D; Liu S-Y; Kemper F; Koch PM; Chen M-T; ...; Su Y-N; Trejo-Cruz A; Wang K-S; ...; Ho PTP; et al., "THE 2014 ALMA LONG BASELINE CAMPAIGN: AN OVERVIEW" , The Astrophysical Journal: 808(1), L1, 2015-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  11. Yen H-W; Koch PM; Takakuwa S; Ho PTP; Ohashi N; Tang Y-W, "Observations of Infalling and Rotational Motions on a 1,000-AU Scale around 17 Class 0 and 0/I Protostars: Hints of Disk Growth and Magnetic Braking?" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 799(2), 193, 2015-02 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  12. Hashimoto J; Tsukagoshi T; Brown JM; Dong R; ...; Ohashi N; ...; Takami M; et al., "THE STRUCTURE OF PRE-TRANSITIONAL PROTOPLANETARY DISKS. II. AZIMUTHAL ASYMMETRIES, DIFFERENT RADIAL DISTRIBUTIONS OF LARGE AND SMALL DUST GRAINS IN PDS 70," , The Astrophysical Journal: 799(1), 43, 2015-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  13. Nagayoshi Ohashi, Kazuya Saigo, Yusuke Aso, Yuri Aikawa, Shin Koyamatsu, Masahiro N. Machida, Masao Saito, Sanemichi Z. Takahashi, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Kengo Tomida, Kohji Tomisaka, & Hsi-Wei Yen, "Formation of a Keplerian Disk in the Infalling Envelope around L1527 IRS: Transformation from Infalling Motions to Kepler Motions" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 796, 131 (11pp), 2014-12 [SCI]
  14. Chou T-L; Takakuwa S; Yen H-W; Ohashi N; Ho PTP, "Transition from the Infalling Envelope to the Keplerian Disk around L1551 IRS 5" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 796, 70 (15pp), 2014-11 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  15. Yen H-W; Takakuwa S; Ohashi N; et al, "ALMA Observations of Infalling Flows Toward the Keplerian Disk Around the Class I Protostar L1489 IRS" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 793(1), 1, 2014-09 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  16. Nami Sakai, Yoko Oya, Takeshi Sakai, Yoshimasa Watanabe, Tomoya Hirota, Cecilia Ceccarelli, Claudine Kahane, Ana Lopez-Sepulcre, Bertrand Lefloch, Charlotte Vastel, Sandrine Bottinelli, Emmanuel Caux, Audrey Coutens, Yuri Aikawa, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Nagayoshi Ohashi, Hsi-Wei Yen, & Satoshi Yamamoto, "A Chemical View of Protostellar-Disk Formation in L1527" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 791, L38 (5pp), 2014-08 [SCI]
  17. Shin Koyamatsu, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Masahiko Hayashi, Satoshi Mayama, & Nagayoshi Ohashi, "The Disappearing Envelope around the Transitional Class I Object L43" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 789, 95 (13pp), 2014-07 [SCI]
  18. Sakai N; Sakai T; Hirota T; ...; Ohashi N; Takakuwa S; Yen H-W; et al., "Change in the chemical composition of infalling gas forming a disk around a protostar" , NATURE: 507(7490), 78-80, 2014-03 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  19. Takahashi S; Ohashi N; Bourke LT, "Direct Imaging of a Compact Molecular Outflow from a Very Low-luminosity Object" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 774(1), 20, 2013-09 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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  24. Maury A; Ohashi N; Andre P, "Subarcsecond SMA observations of the prototype Class 0 object VLA1623 at 1.3 mm: a single protostar with a structured outflow cavity?" , ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS: 539, A130, 2012-03 [SCI]
  25. Yen H-W; Takakuwa S; Ohashi N, "Kinematics and Physical Conditions of the Innermost Envelope in B335" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 742(1), 57, 2011-11 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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