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Morphology of magnetic field in high mass star formation region - W51 e2 and e8 cores
Magnetic field vectors shown in red as measured in dust polarization by the SMA
Rao, Ramprasad
Receiver Support Engineer
photo of Rao, Ramprasad
Office: Hilo
Email: rrao_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Research Interests

Researcher ; Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions ; Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Instrumentation ; Polarimetry

Recent Journal Papers

  1. Bower GC; Dexter J; Markoff S; Gurwell MA; Rao R; McHardy I, "A Black Hole Mass-Variability Time Scale Correlation at Submillimeter Wavelengths" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 811(1), L6, 2015-09 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  2. Lee C-F; Rao R; Ching T-C; Lai S-P; Hirano N; Ho PTP; Hwang H-C, "Magnetic Field Structure in the Flattened Envelope and Jet in the Young Protostellar System HH 211" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 797(1), L9-12, 2014-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  3. Plambeck RL; Bower GC; Rao R; et al., "Probing the Parsec-scale Accretion Flow of 3C 84 with Millimeter Polarimetry" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 797(1), 66, 2014-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  4. Koch PM; Tang YW; Ho PTP; Zhang Q; Girart JM; Chen HR V ; Frau P; Li HB; Li ZY; Liu HY B; Padovani M; Qiu K; Yen HW ; Chen HH; Ching TC; Lai SP; Rao R , "The Importance of the Magnetic Field from an SMA-CSO-Combined Sample of Star-Forming Regions" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 797(2), 99, 2014-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  5. Stephens IW; Looney LW; Kwon W; ...; Rao R, "Spatially resolved magnetic field structure in the disk of a T Tauri star" , NATURE: (7524), 597-599, 2014-10 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  6. Zhang Q; Qiu K; Girart JM; Liu HB; Tang Y-W; Koch PM; Ho PTP; Rao R; Lai S-P; et al., "Magnetic Fields and Massive Star Formation" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 792(2), 116, 2014-09 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  7. P. Frau*, J. M. Girart, Q. Zhang, and (R. Rao), "Shaping a high-mass star-forming cluster through stellar feedback. The case of the NGC 7538 IRS 1-3 complex" , ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS: 567, A116, 2014-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  8. Sridharan TK*, (Rao R), Qiu K, et al., "Hot Core, Outflows, and Magnetic Fields in W43-MM1 (G30.79 FIR 10)" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 783(2),L31, 2014-03 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  9. Kuo C-Y; Asada K; Rao R; Nakamura M; Algaba JC; Liu HB; Inoue M; Koch PM; Ho PTP; Matsushita S; Pu H-Y; Akiyama K; Nishioka H; Pradel N, "Measuring Mass Accretion Rate onto the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 Using Faraday Rotation Measure with the Submillimeter Array" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 783(2), L33, 2014-03 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  10. (Rao R)*, Girart JM, Lai SP, Marrone DP, "Detection of a Magnetized Disk around a Very Young Protostar" , The Astrophysical Journal Letters: 780(1),L6, 2014-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  11. Girart JM*, Estalella R, Palau A, Torrelles JM, (Rao R), "On the Origin of the Molecular Outflows in IRAS 16293-2422" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 720(1),L11, 2014-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  12. Girart JM, Patel N, Vlemmings WHT, (Rao R), "Mapping the Linearly Polarized Spectral Line Emission around the Evolved Star IRC+10216" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 751(1),L20, 2012-05 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  13. Chen H-R*, (Rao R), Wilner DJ, Liu S-Y, "The Magnetized Environment of the W3(H2O) Protostars" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 751(1), L13, 2012-05 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  14. Vlemmings WHT, Ramstedt S, (Rao R), Maercker, M, "Polarization of thermal molecular lines in the envelope of IK Tauri" , ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS: 540, L3, 2012-04 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  15. Muñoz DJ*, Marrone DP, Moran JM, (Rao R), "The Circular Polarization of Sagittarius A* at Submillimeter Wavelengths" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 745(2),115, 2012-02 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  16. Houde M*, (Rao R), Vaillancourt JE, Hildebrand RH, "Dispersion of Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds. III." , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 733(2),109, 2011-06 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  17. Alves F*, …, (Rao R) et al., "The Magnetic Field in the NGC 2024 FIR 5 Dense Core" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 726(2),63, 2011-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  18. Beuther H*, Vlemmings WHT, (Rao R), van der Tak FFS, "Magnetic field structure in a high-mass Outflow/Disk system" , Astrophysical Journal Letters: 724(1),L113-L117, 2010-11 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  19. Tang Y-W, Ho PTP, Koch PM, (Rao R), "High-Angular Resolution Dust Polarization Measurements: Shaped B-field Lines in the Massive Star-Forming Region Orion BN/KL" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 717(2),1262-1273, 2010-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  20. (Rao R), Girart JM, Marrone DP, Lai SP, Schnee S, "IRAS 16293: A Magnetic Tale of Two Cores" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 707(2),921, 2009-12 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  21. Hughes AM, Wilner DJ, Cho J, Marrone DP, Lazarian A, Andrews SM, (Rao R), "Stringent Limits on the Polarized Submillimeter Emission from Protoplanetary Disks" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 704(2), 1204-1217, 2009-10 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  22. Tang Y-W, Ho PTP, Koch PM, …, Lai SP, (Rao R), "Evolution of Magnetic Fields in High Mass Star Formation: Linking field geometry and collapse for the W51 e2/e8 cores" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 700(1),251, 2009-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  23. Girart JM, Beltran MT, Zhang Q, (Rao R) et al., "Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Massive Stars" , SCIENCE: 324(5933),1408-1411, 2009-06 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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  25. Marrone DP*, Baganoff FK, Morris MR, …, (Rao R) et al., "An X-ray, infrared, and submillimeter flare of Sagittarius A*" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 682(1),73-383, 2008-07 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  26. Weintroub J, Moran JM, Wilner DJ, Young K, (Rao R), et al., "Submillimeter array imaging of the maser emission from the H30 alpha radio recombination line in MWC 349A" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 677(2),1140-1150, 2008-04 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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