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午餐會報 (2020)

近期午餐會報: 2020-02-10 Mon 12:15~13:15 [R1203]
Speaker:Chin-Shin Chang
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No. 時間地點 講者 題目(摘要)
12020-02-10 Mon
Chin-Shin Chang
22020-01-13 Mon
Cheng-Han Hsieh
Rotating N2D+ filament in Orion B: Do cores inherit their angular momentum from their parent filament?

Angular momentum is one of the most important physical quantities that govern star formation. The initial angular momentum of cores may be responsible for its fragmentation and can have an influence on the size of the protoplanetary disk. To understand how cores obtain their initial angular momentum, it is important to study the angular momentum of filaments where cores form. While a number of theoretical studies on filament rotation exist, there exist little or no precise specific angular momentum measurements in star-forming filaments. In this talk, I will present high-resolution N2D+ ALMA observations of the LBS23 (HH24-HH26) region in Orion B. Our maps provide one of the most precise and reliable measurements of the specific angular momentum in a star-forming filament. We find values of about 2 to 9 x 10^20 cm^2/s, comparable to the value measured in rotating cores with a size similar to our filament width (~ 0.04 pc) in Orion A. Our results suggest that young cores may inherit their angular momentum from their parent filaments. In addition, if time permits I will share some work and planned observations for the first interstellar comet, Borisov.

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