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NGC3801: AGN-feedback caught in the act.
Image Credit: NASA, Spitzer, GALEX, VLA, NRAO, NSF, SDSS, HST, Hota et al.
NGC3801: AGN-feedback caught in the act.
Panchromatic summary of NGC3801 showing radio continuum from VLA (red contours), HI-emission from VLA (blue), 8 micron dust/PAH emission from Spitzer (gray scale), r'-band optical image from SDSS (yellow single contour) and Ultraviolet emission from GALEX (green).
How the radio jet from the black hole creating blast-waves (X-ray emitting shock shells) into the host galaxy, heat up or expel cool-gas (ALMA has a big role here) and ultimately stop formation of young stars is still not observed convincingly in any single galaxy. NGC3801 is the best target so far to understand how this AGN-feedback affect the star formation in a galaxy.We found that it is a post-merger star-forming (UV-bright population ~500 million yr old) early-type galaxy caught just 10 million year ahead of its jet-feedback potentially destroying the cool-gas disk (fuel supply for future star formation). Publication references: Hota et al. 2009, 2012 ( (published) and (accepted))
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