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Correlator 1st Down Converter Wideband Upgrade, SMA Project
圖片來源: Derek Kubo
Correlator 1st Down Converter Wideband Upgrade, SMA Project
Photo of upgraded Correlator 1st Down Converter (C1DC) unit. This upgrade consisted of increasing the intermediate frequency (IF) signal bandwidth from 4-6 GHz to 4-16 GHz while maintaining the current function of the existing legacy correlator. The upgrade is visible as the rectangular metal plate near the bottom center of the photo. The upgrade consisted of two wide-band amplifiers, power divider, and filter along with a cooling fan.
There are a total of 16 C1DC units in use for the SMA system so one of the challenges was how to go about with the upgrades without interruption of service. We accomplished this by starting off with modifying two spare units and cycling them through until all 16 units plus 2 spares were completed. Designed by Derek Kubo, John Kuroda, assembly and test performed by Solomon Ho, installation by Paul Yamaguchi, Derek Kubo.
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