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Two SMA antennas built in Taiwan
圖片來源: ASIAA
Two SMA antennas built in Taiwan
Two SMA antennas built in Taiwan. ASIAA has delivered receiver systems with three bands of 230 GHz, 345 GHz, and 690 GHz.
Since 1996, ASIAA has been carrying out the Submillimeter Array project under collaboration with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO). In November 2003, the array of eight 6-m telescopes was dedicated on Mauna Kea, Hawaii by the Academia Sinica President Y. T. Lee and Smithsonian Institution Secretary Larry Small. Two of the eight telescopes, including the associated electronics and receiver systems, were delivered by ASIAA, under strong collaborations in Taiwan with university groups and industry. Since the dedication, the array has been regularly used to produce scientific results. As of October 2006, 37 papers with ASIAA co-authors have been published, and 8 papers have ASIAA first authors.
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