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Self-consistent GRMHD Simulations with Steady Axisymmetric Force-free Jet
圖片來源: Nakamura et al. (2018), ApJ, 868, 146
Self-consistent GRMHD Simulations with Steady Axisymmetric Force-free Jet
Quasi-steady funnel jets are obtained in GRMHD simulations up to the scale of ∼ 100 gravitational radius (r_g) for various black hole (BH) spins. The funnel edge is approximately determined by the following equiequipartitions; i) the magnetic and rest-mass energy densities and ii) the gas and magnetic pressures along the parabolic streamline, which is anchored to the event horizon on the equatorial plane. A color filled contour shows the magnetic energy per unit particle in the fluid frame. Black solid lines represent the poloidal magnetic field. A highly magnetized (red) funnel is progressively confined by the radiatively inefficient accretion flow and coronal wind where the magneto-rotational instability grows (matter-dominated). We demonstrate for the first time that the boundary between these areas is remarkably consistent with the outermost streamline of the force-free electrodynamic (FFE) jet solution (black thick solid lines).
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