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Newspaper Articles (2016)

United Daily Online參與「地表最大望遠鏡」 蔡英文讚台灣驕傲2016-11-21
United Daily地表最大天文望遠鏡 元件來自彰化2016-06-25
United Evening News台裔天文學者馬中珮 發現宇宙偏鄉超大黑洞2016-04-07
AstronomyAstronomers Spot Gluttonous Baby Stars2016-02-29
INAFChe mangiata per questa giovane stella! (English: Eaten that for this young star!)2016-02-29
Liberty Times天文重大發現 恆星演化過程新觀點2016-02-26
Taipie TimesCrucial astronomy finding announced by Academia Sinica - Taipei Times2016-02-26
United Daily研究大解密 恆星也會暴食?2016-02-26
Apple Daily中研院研究:恆星形成時 會「暴飲暴食」 _ 即時新聞 _ 20160225 _ 蘋果日報2016-02-25
China Times新生恆星暴食成長原因 中研院揭秘2016-02-25
China Times Online新生恆星暴食成長原因 中研院揭秘2016-02-25
Technology News天文觀測揭露新生恆星暴食成長秘密2016-02-25
Central News Agency中研院揭恆星暴食奧秘 像奶精滴進咖啡2016-02-25
National Education Radio“原生恆星”長成恆星前 可能因”被撞”而變亮、長大2016-02-25
Astro WatchAstronomers Spot Gluttonous Baby Stars2016-02-25
Sky & TelescopeStars Form in Turbulent Times2016-02-05
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