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New Images of M87*: Proof of a Persistent Black Hole Shadow2024-01-18
Astronomers image for the first time the accretion flow together with a powerful jet of the M87 supermassive black hole2023-04-26
Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy2022-05-12
Astronomers Image Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87’s Black Hole2021-03-25
Astronomers Capture First Image of a Black Hole2019-04-10
Magnetic fields found in a Jet from a Baby Star2018-11-29
Greenland Telescope Opens New Era of Arctic Astronomy2018-05-29
The onset of an extra-solar system – feeding a baby star with a dusty hamburger2017-04-20
An Extraordinary Celestial Spiral with a Twist ALMA adds a new dimension to a Hubble Space Telescope result2017-03-03
ASIAA's production of Band 1 receivers for ALMA has been formally approved by the ALMA Board2016-06-23
Astronomers Spot Gluttonous Baby Stars2016-02-25
Studying the Einstein Ring Phenomenon: Astronomers Infer SDP. 81 Foreground Galaxy Black Hole Contains over 300 Million Times the Sun’s Mass2015-09-30
Giant Spiraling Molecular Gas Arms as Cradles of Dense Massive Molecular Cores2015-05-20
ASIAA Hosts Meeting of Top International Astronomy Organizations2015-05-05
Astronomers Identify Gas Spirals as a Nursery of Twin Stars through ALMA Observation2014-12-04
Best ALMA Image Ever Reveals a Planet Nursery around a Young Star2014-11-07
Discovery of Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe2014-07-24
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Pledge to Extend Subaru Telescope Collaboration2014-02-07
Academia Sinica and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Sign Space Research Collaboration Agreement2014-01-17
ALMA found the youngest proto-planetary disk2013-12-26
Approaching the Speed Limit: Explaining the Powerful Acceleration of the Jets that Stream out of Supermassive Black Holes2013-12-25
SMA Reveals Giant Star Cluster in the Making2013-12-17
A Fluffy Disk Around a Baby Star2013-08-23
Taiwan Astronomers Jointly Developed New Instrument to Take First Ultra High Resolution Colored Image of Andromeda Galaxy2013-07-31
Cosmic Giants Shed New Light on Dark Matter2013-06-13
Construction Begins on TAOS-2, a Large-Scale Cooperative Astronomical Observation Project among Taiwan, Mexico, and USA2013-05-09
ALMA Inaugurated: Taiwan's Contribution Recognized in World's Largest Astronomical Telescope Project2013-03-18
Rare Carbon Molecule Detected in Dying Star Gives Glimpse of Stellar Evolution2013-03-05
Astronomers See the Source of A Gigantic Black Hole’s Energetic Jet for the First Time2012-10-12
Gigantic Digital Imaging Camera Installed on Subaru Telescope to Unravel Mysteries of Dark Energy2012-09-26
Taiwan Astronomers Begin ALMA Early Science Projects2011-10-25
Astrophysicists receive 12-meter Radio Antenna from US National Science Foundation2011-04-14
Monstrous Dusty Galaxies May be more Common in the Early Universe than Originally Thought2010-12-21
Astronomers Develop New Techniques for Studying Dark Energy2010-07-26
Astrophysicists Illuminate Shape of Dark Matter's Distribution2010-04-29
Astrophysicists Capture Growth of Galaxy Clusters, the Largest Cosmic Structures2010-04-07
Astronomers Find New Type of Explosive Outflow in the Orion Nebula2009-10-26
Astrophysicist Frank Shu Awarded 2009 Shaw Prize in Astronomy2009-06-16
International Astronomy Research Team Find Key Information about Formation of Massive Stars2009-06-12
ALMA Telescope passes major milestone with successful antenna link2009-06-03
Academician Frank Shu selected as Astronomical Society of the Pacific 2009 Bruce Gold Medalist2009-05-07
Taichung's East Asia Integration Center Delivers First Receiver to ALMA Radio Telescope in Chile2009-01-09
Taiwan's Astronomers Included in "North American" ALMA Partnership2008-12-26
Strong Evidence Brown Dwarfs Do Form Like Stars2008-12-15
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan sign Memorandum of Understanding2008-10-31
Earth's Natural Laws Still Apply in Distant Universe, Researchers Say2008-07-08
Astronomers Find Evidence of Galaxies Snacking on Neighbors2008-06-24
An Astronomy Research Team Found Key information about Formation of Sunlike Stars2007-12-24
2007 Go to Hawaii2007-07-07
Theory of Comet Formation in Early Solar System Gains Support2006-12-20
How Do Multiple-Star Systems Form? VLA Study Reveals2006-12-19
The Yuan Tseh Lee Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy2006-10-27
AMiBA Dedication2006-09-09
"Hourglass Figure" Point to Magnetic Field's Role in Star2006-08-14
AB Aur Press Release2006-07-10
ASIAA WIRCam News Release2006-06-30
Taiwan and Japan Working Together On the World Largest Ground Based Radio Telescope2006-06-02
Astronomers Get Closest Look Yet At Milky Way's Mysterious Core2005-11-03
Smoke rings from old stars2005-06-13
The delivery of organic compounds from stars to the solar system and itspossible implications for the origin of life2004-08-26
10th Anniversary of ASIAA 2003-12-08
Taiwan Astronomy joins the World Stage ─ Two sub-mm Telescopes of SMA built by Taiwan is now in operation2003-11-17
Director of Academy's Astronomy Institute Appointed Director Of Us National Radio Astronomy Observatory2002-06-21
Taiwan Astronomy joins the World Stage2002-01-09
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