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Front Office
Hsieh, Winny Chief Administrator/Senior Research Specialist R1114 (02)2366-5326
Chang, Guen-Min Cashier R1112 (02)2366-5318
Chen, Lulu Administrative staff - travel / access R1112 (02)2366-5323
Cheng, Ting Administrative staff R1112 (02)2366-5322
Chiu, Cherry Accountant R1112 (02)2366-5317
Chiu, Cindy Personnel Officer R1112 (02)2366-5320
Huang, Shirley Administrative staff - visitor / shipping R1112 (02)2366-5322
Huang, Sze-Chi Administrative Assistant R1112 (02)2366-5310
Hwang, Wendy Messenger/Assistant R1112 (02)2366-5314
Kuo, Jane Property Administrative Staff R1112 (02)2366-5316
Liao, Sean MoST Administrator and Computing supporting staff R1112 (02)2366-5319
Liao, Vicky Personnel Officer R1113 (02)2366-5313
Lin, Esther Purchaser, GLT administrator R1112 (02)2366-5312
Wang, Jackie Purchaser R1112 (02)2366-5321
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Building Affairs Office
Chou, Jerry Building Affair Manager R0140 (02)2366-5480
Chen, Juniper Building Maintenance Staff R0140 (02)2366-5481
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MIS Office
Chen, Joshua MIS Specialist R1311 (02)2366-5433
Chen, Meng-Po System Manager R1311 (02)2366-5434
Fan, Ching Chen computing staff R1310 (02)2366-5436
Huang, Pin-Sung System Manager R1310 (02)2366-5432
Lin, Suh-Lian Webmaster R1208 (02)2366-5390
Lineros, Miguel Computer Maintenance Staff R1310 (02)2366-5436
Zou, Tony System Manager R1311 (02)2366-5435
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Education and Public Outreach Office
Chou, Mei-Yin EPO Project Scientist R1416 (02)2366-5415
Chiang, Michael Librarian R1412 (02)2366-5470
Huang, Lauren Outreach Activities Planning & Execution R1416 (02)2366-5452
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Hilo Office
Chen, Ming-Tang Deputy Director for Hawaii Operations; Research Fellow R1018
Hilo 201
Bishop, Casandra YTLA Telescope/Test Operator Hilo 212 808-961-2053
Bower, Geoffrey Adjunct Research Fellow / ASIAA Research Scientist Hilo 203 808-961-2945
Kubo, Derek Y. Chief Engineer of Hawaii Operations Hilo 204 808-961-2926
Lau, Sally YTLA Operator Hilo 212 808-961-2932
Mills, Adam YTLA Operator Hilo 212 808-961-2053
O'Neal, Susan Project Administrative Assistant Hilo 212 808-961-2942
Owens, Naomi Computing/Network Specialist Hilo Correlator Laboratory 808-961-2970
White, Lawrie ASIAA Office Assistant Hilo 202 808-961-2932
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ARL Office
Hsiung, Wei-Ling Assistant ARL (04)2702-3051#503920
Tsai, Jwu-Jiun Johnnie Assistant ARL (04)2702-3051#503165
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TEL: 886-2-3365-2200 FAX: 886-2-2367-7849
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11F of AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building, No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C.