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Retired Staff

Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko 長谷川辰彥
Associate Research Fellow (Tenured) (Retired)
Research SpecialityAstrochemistry, molecular astronomy
Lee, Typhoon 李太楓
Distinguished Research Fellow (Retired)
Research SpecialityNuclear Astrophysics
OfficeASMAB1110 (02)2366-5308
Shaw, Paul 蕭仰台
Senior Research Specialist / Engineer / Scientist (Retired)
Shu, Frank 徐遐生
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics, Climate Change, Energy
Taam, Ronald E. 譚遠培
Distinguished Research Fellow (Retired)
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics
Yuan, Chi 袁旂
(passed away on July 24, 2008)
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics, Numerical Simulation of Galactic Dynamics
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