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Retired Staff

Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko 長谷川辰彥
Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Research SpecialityAstrochemistry, molecular astronomy
Shaw, Paul 蕭仰台
Senior Research Specialist / Engineer / Scientist
Shu, Frank 徐遐生
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics, Climate Change, Energy
Taam, Ronald E. 譚遠培
Distinguished Research Fellow (Retired)
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics
OfficeASMAB1210 (02)2366-5394
Yuan, Chi 袁旂
(passed away on July 24, 2008)
Research SpecialityTheoretical Astrophysics, Numerical Simulation of Galactic Dynamics
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