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Privacy and Security Policy


The following policy applies to collection, use and protection of your personal information while you are browsing the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica (ASIAA) Website. It does not apply to any activity that you might initiate by linking to a different website. The policy extends only to personnel entrusted by this site and to those involved in its management.

Data Collection and Use

  • When you visit the ASIAA Website, the server may automatically make a record of usage information, including the IP address of the equipment you use to access the Internet, duration of visits and which third-party sites referring from, what browser you use and the data you have browsed and accessed. This information is used as reference material to further develop our website services, and the information is for internal use only. The statistics derived from these analyses will not involve data on specific individuals.
  • For browsing and downloading only on the ASIAA website, no personal information will be gathered.
  • To use an on-line application service, you might be asked to provide your personal information, including your name, gender, affiliation, e-mail address, phone number and postal address etc. We will not use these data for a purpose other than that for which they were collected.
  • Except circumstances directed by special legal regulations, we will not share your personal information with third parties for their independent use without your permission.

Use of Cookies

  • A cookie is a piece of text sent from the ASIAA website and stored on the user's computer through the browser. It is not executable so it cannot be used as a virus. And it cannot be used to disclose any information from the user's hard disk.
  • The ASIAA website will read and write the cookies in the user's computer browser in order to:
    1. Authenticate access from registered users
    2. Track site usage to help us further develop our website services.
  • The ASIAA website's cookies do not contain personally identifiable information.
  • You may elect to refuse cookies. Please refer to your browser Help instructions to learn more about cookies and how to manage their use. However, a user chooses to reject all cookies, it may be impossible for that user to access certain personalized services.

System Access Control

  • Assign access rights to personnel depending on job requirements. Account numbers and passwords to restrict access must be distributed by system administrators.
  • Deal with personnel who take leave, retire, or are suspended in accordance with the established procedure for such cases and immediately withdraw their access rights to the various system resources.

Information Security and Protection

To ensure the confidentiality, usability and integrity of the information assets of this institute, the ASIAA website takes necessary information security measures, including:

  • Install a firewall to control transfer of internal network data and access from outside networks and establish an identification procedure.
  • Conduct regular internal network data security and virus checks, and update virus definitions and other security measures.
  • Use an Invasive Detection System to monitor the network flow so as to block the malicious behaviors of un-authorized uploads, alteration, or hackers.
  • Set up a daily system backup facility to perform regular backups of necessary information and software to ensure speedy recovery of normal operation during breakdowns or storage media failures.
  • Personal information collected by this site is transmitted by SSL protocol to safeguard against unauthorized access or malicious invasion by any third party. Users are advised to take precautions to safeguard their usernames, passwords, and personal data as well as pay attention to the potential risks of web-based communication to prevent malicious software attack or data theft.

This policy will be revised as necessary, and such revisions will be published on the ASIAA website. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us by phone or email posted on the ASIAA website.

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