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Engineering Staff

Research Technician
photo of Chang, Shu-Hao Chang, Shu-Hao 張書豪 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1026 (02)2366-5364
photo of Wei, Ta-Shun Wei, Ta-Shun 魏大順 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1031 (02)2366-5372
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Engineer Specialist
photo of Chang, Yung-Chin Chang, Yung-Chin 張永進 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical engineering
OfficeASMAB1007 (02)2366-5309
photo of Martin-Cocher, Pierre Martin-Cocher, Pierre 馬柏翔 cv
Research SpecialityElectronic Engineering, Instrumentation.
OfficeASMAB1031 (02)2366-5375
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photo of Chang, Kun-Chih Chang, Kun-Chih 張焜智 cv
Research SpecialityPhysics
OfficeASMAB1031 (02)2366-5371
photo of Chang, Tien-Hao Chang, Tien-Hao 張天皓 cv
Research SpecialitySoftware Engineering
OfficeASMAB1301 (02)2366-5389
photo of Chen, Pai-An Chen, Pai-An 陳柏安 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical Engineering and Mechanism Design
OfficeASMAB1031 (02)2366-5373
photo of Cheng, Jen-Chieh Cheng, Jen-Chieh 鄭仁傑 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1026 (02)2366-5365
photo of Chien, Chen Chien, Chen 簡誠 cv
Research SpecialityMicrowave Engineering
OfficeASMAB1032 (02)2366-5379
photo of Ho, Chin-Ting Ho, Chin-Ting 何晉廷 cv
Research SpecialityMachine design,Mechanical drawing,Machinery test,organization assembly,Organization service
OfficeASMAB1032 (02)2366-5380
photo of Hsu, Shou-Chieh Hsu, Shou-Chieh 許守傑 cv
Research SpecialitySoftware Engineering
OfficeASMAB1301 (02)2366-5391
photo of Liu, Kuan-Yu Liu, Kuan-Yu 劉冠宇 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5335
photo of Lu, Lou Chien Lu, Lou Chien 呂柔蒨 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1031 (02)2366-5374
photo of Wang, Chao-Ching Wang, Chao-Ching 王詔敬 cv
Research SpecialityElectronic Engineering
OfficeASMAB1026 (02)2366-5366
photo of Wang, Chun-Lun Wang, Chun-Lun 王君倫 cv
Research SpecialityTopological insulator, Solid state devices fabrication
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5334
photo of Yeh, You-Ting Yeh, You-Ting 葉祐廷 cv
Research SpecialityStar Formation
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5333
photo of Yen, Sheng-Feng Yen, Sheng-Feng 顏聖峰 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical Engineering, Telescope operation.
OfficeASMAB1208 (02)2366-5388
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photo of Chilson, Ryan Chilson, Ryan cv
OfficeHilo 212 (temporary) (808-961-2925)
photo of Kubo, Derek Y. Kubo, Derek Y. 久保義晴 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical engineering, development and implementation of microwave instrumentation
OfficeHilo 204 (808-961-2926)
photo of Laguana, Kristen Laguana, Kristen cv
OfficeHilo 212 (808-961-2953)
photo of Oshiro, Peter Oshiro, Peter cv
OfficeHilo (808-961-2977)
photo of Raffin, Philippe A. Raffin, Philippe A. 瑞菲利 cv
Research SpecialityRadio Antenna
photo of Srinivasan, Ranjani Srinivasan, Ranjani cv
OfficeHilo 212 (808-961-2939 / 808-961-2983)
photo of Chang, Yin-Chang Chang, Yin-Chang 張蔭昌 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical Engineering; Infrared Semi conductor field
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5358
photo of Chen, Hsin-Yo Chen, Hsin-Yo 陳心躍 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical Design
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5354
photo of Hsu, Shu-Fu Hsu, Shu-Fu 許書輔 cv
Research SpecialityElectron design
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5361
photo of Huang, Pin Jie Huang, Pin Jie 黃炳杰 cv
Research SpecialityMechanical design and Mechanical manufacturing
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5360
photo of Yen, Wei-Ling Yen, Wei-Ling 嚴葦玲 cv
Research SpecialitySoftware Engineering
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5356
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photo of Chang, Yen-Pin Chang, Yen-Pin 張晏賓 cv
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5335
photo of Chiu, Chuang Ping Chiu, Chuang Ping 邱創屏 cv
Research SpecialityMecahnical Engineering SIS Junction
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5333
photo of Lu, Wei-Chun Lu, Wei-Chun 呂維鈞 cv
Research SpecialityMagnetic Physics; LabView
OfficeASMAB1006 (02)2366-5334
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photo of Tseng, Sam Tseng, Sam 曾獻群 cv
Research SpecialityHigh-Performance Computing
OfficeASMAB1208 (02)2366-5392
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photo of Chen, Chung-Cheng Chen, Chung-Cheng 陳重誠 cv
Research SpecialityElectrical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1026 (02)2366-5367
photo of Yu, Chen-Yu Yu, Chen-Yu 游晨佑 cv
Research Specialitysoftware engineering
OfficeASMAB1026 (02)2366-5363
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