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GLT Astronomical First Fringe!!!
圖片來源: GLT
GLT Astronomical First Fringe!!!
We joined a dress rehearsal for the EHT 2018 observations on Jan. 28th ,2018, together with the ALMA and the South Pole Telescope (SPT).
The data were stored in a hard disk, and shipped to the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR). Our data were quickly correlated with the data from ALMA, and with our GPS information, the fringes between the GLT and ALMA were quickly and successfully detected!! Only within 2 months after the antenna turned to be ready to use, which is extremely fast!! Members at the GLT Control Room were Ming-Tang Chen, Nimesh Patel, Kuan-Yu Liu, Keiichi Asada, & Hiroaki Nishioka (from left to right).
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