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EHT Press Conference 2019
圖片來源: Lauren Huang
EHT Press Conference 2019
On April 10, 2019, we held a very large press conference in the Academia Sinica (AS) Headquarter, simultaneously together with five other regions (Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Tokyo, & Washington D.C.) to show the first image of black hole shadow taken by the EHT, with publishing 6 refereed papers (EHT Collaboration 2019, ApJL, 875, L1-L6).
The press conference in Taipei was hosted by the AS and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). Almost all the Taiwanese media showed up at the press conference, with three TV companies live streaming the conference, and we also allowed general public to join, so the big conference room (capacity: 190 people) was fully packed. The press conference went very well, and many Taiwanese media, including TVs, newspapers, and magazines, reported this news. Even the President of Taiwan, Ing-Wen Tsai, posted our results in her Instagram. Our press conference reached out to many Taiwanese, and gained huge popularity for our project.
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