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Joined the EHT Observation for the First Time!!!
圖片來源: GLT
Joined the EHT Observation for the First Time!!!
We successfully joined the EHT observations for the first time in Apr. 2018, and observed the SMBH of M87, together with ALMA, JCMT, and SMA, which are Taiwan related telescopes, and with other telescopes in Chile, Mexico, Spain, and US.
Hence, this was the first VLBI observations that all the ASIAA submillimeter telescopes had joined. After the observations, the data in disk modules were quickly shipped to the correlation sites (the MIT Haystack Observatory and the MPIfR), and the 230 GHz fringes have been detected (Matsushita et al. 2018, Proc. SPIE, 10700, 1070029). This success satisfied the requirement of the GLT Risk Review 2015 panel recommendation!!
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