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Semi-analytical GRMHD jet model
圖片來源: Hung-Yi Pu (2015 ApJ 801,56 )
Semi-analytical GRMHD jet model
A semi-analytical solution of GRMHD flow along a prescribed flow line can be obtained by considering that the outward energy flux (represented by a gray arrow) is continuously propagate outward in both the inflow and outflow regions.
Schematic illustration of a Poynting flux–dominated (PFD) GRMHD flow confined by the accretion flow and its corona. The outward-streaming curves indicates ordered, large-scale magnetic fields that thread the black hole event horizon. The inflows and the outflows (represented by thick white arrows) are along the field lines, and are separated by the separation surface (marked by a dashed line). The static limit (dashed curve) and the light surface (solid curve) outside the black hole (black region) are also shown.
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