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2024-03-252024 Advisory Panel Meeting, March 25-26
2024-06-24TNO2024 - The Trans-Neptunian Solar System
2024-08-0610th Galaxy Evolution Workshop
Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Filaments in a multi-scale framework of star formation
Seamus Clarke (ASIAA)
Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~12:40 [R1412]

Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA)
Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Precision cosmology with galaxies and galaxy clusters - projects and prospects with ongoing and future galaxy surveys Tomomi Sunayama (University of Arizona)
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Constraining the initial conditions for the formation of extra-solar planets and their atmospheres Liton Majumdar (NISER)
Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Radio-bright future of studying black holes Maciek Wielgus (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)
IAA Quarterly
IAA Quarterly
2023 Winter Issue Online!
IAA Quarterly
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