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2020-02-19East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
Tech Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~13:00 [R1203]
Advanced materials development for superconducting mixers.
Chang, Hsiao-Wen (ASIAA)
Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:15~13:15 [R1203]

Chin-Shin Chang (ALMA)
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]

Po-Yu Chang (National Cheng Kung University, Institute of Space and Plasma Sciences)
Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]

Seongjoong Kim (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:15~13:15 [R1203]

Teppei Okumura (ASIAA)
Open House
2019 AS Open House - Poster Exhibition
IAA Quarterly
IAA Quarterly
2019 Winter Issue Online!
MOST Outstanding Research Award
Congratulations to the winners of 2019 Research Awards: Dr. Keiichi Umetsu、 Dr. Ke-Jung Chen、 Dr. Chin-Fei Lee、 Dr. Teppei Okumura、 Dr. Shohei Aoyama、 Dr. Pei-Ying Hsieh、 GLT Project Members

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