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2018-07-022018 ASIAA Summer Student Program
2018-09-25Taiwanese Theoretical Astrophysics Workshop
2018-10-17Taiwan-Russia Workshop on Polarization by Dust Grains
2018-10-22The 8th East Asian Numerical Astrophysics Meeting (EANAM 2018).
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Trans-Neptunian Objects; discovery, dynamics and light curves
Mike Alexandersen (ASIAA)
Special Seminarabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
Optimal BAO measurement from galaxies+voids / Robust covariance matrix estimation for clustering measurements Chia-Hsun Chuang (KIPAC-Stanford/SLAC)
Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~13:00 [R1203]
The Seasonal Evolution of the Atmospheres of Pluto and Other Dwarf Planets
Hua-Shan Shi (NCU)
Tech Lunch Talkabstract and yearly list 12:00~13:00 [R1203]
Chang, Yin-Chang (ASIAA)
Colloquiumabstract and yearly list 14:20~15:20 [R1203]
An X-ray View of Accreting Black Holes
Chia-Ying Chiang (NTHU)
MOST Outstanding Research Award
Dr. Chin-Fei Lee has won 2017 MOST Outstanding Research Award
IAA Quarterly
IAA Quarterly
2018 Summer Issue Online!

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