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The Theoretical Astrophysics (Theory)

3D vortices in self-gravitating discs
Image Credit: Min-Kai Lin, Arnaud Pierens
3D vortices in self-gravitating discs
Vortex evolution in a self-gravitating disc (top) and a non-self-gravitating disc (bottom).
Vortices may play an important role in planet formation from both theoretical and observational perspectives. In this work, we examine the effect of self-gravity on evolution of vortices in 3D discs by means of shearing box simulations. In 3D, disc vortices are subject to destructive `elliptic instabilities'. However, we find that including self-gravity allows a 3D vortex to survive against this instability. The vortex persists over 1000 orbits with a turbulent core. This increased vortex lifetime makes them easier to observe in the outer parts of protoplanetary discs. Lin & Pierens, 2018, MNRAS accepted (http://adsabs.harvard.edu/doi/10.1093/mnras/sty947).
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