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Project Research Scientist/Engineer

photo of Chiong, Chau-Ching Chiong, Chau-Ching 章朝盛 cv
Senior Project Engineer
Research SpecialityMircowave Engineering; Star Formation
OfficeASMAB1103 (02)2366-5304
photo of Lin, Kai-Yang Lin, Kai-Yang 林凱揚 cv
Research Support Staff
Research SpecialityObservational Cosmology, Galaxy Cluster; Radio Interferometry
OfficeASMAB1304 (02)2366-5424
photo of Su, Yu-Nung Su, Yu-Nung 蘇裕農 cv
Project Research Manager/ALMA ARC Manager
Research SpecialityStar Formation and Radio Astronomy
OfficeASMAB1103 (02)2366-5305
photo of Chen, I-Chenn Chen, I-Chenn 陳以忱 cv
Software Engineer for the ASIAA CASA Development Center (ACDC)
Research SpecialityPython, JavaScript, red quasar, AGN, Optical Observation, Light Curve Analysis
OfficeASMAB1301 (02)2366-5391
photo of Chiang, Cheng-Chin Chiang, Cheng-Chin 江政錦 cv
Software Engineer for the ASIAA CASA Development Center (ACDC)
Research SpecialityExperimental High Energy Physics, Accelerator Physics, Data Analysis and Software Engineering
OfficeASMAB1301 (02)2366-5389
photo of Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus 黃智威 cv
GLT/VLBI Support Scientist
Research SpecialityCosmic Microwave Background, Galaxy Clusters, Observational Cosmology
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5425
photo of Koay, Kevin Jun Yi Koay, Kevin Jun Yi 郭駿毅 cv
GLT/VLBI Support Astronomer
Research SpecialityActive galactic nuclei, time domain radio astronomy, interstellar scintillation and scattering, Event Horizon Telescope and Greenland Telescope
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5426
photo of Lin, Ming-Yi Lin, Ming-Yi 林明儀 cv
Software Engineer for the ASIAA CASA Development Center (ACDC)
Research SpecialityStar formation and Active galactic nuclei, feeding and feedback mechanism, gas and stars kinematics, and multi-wavelength observations.
OfficeASMAB1301 (02)2366-5391
photo of Moraghan, Anthony Moraghan, Anthony 星韓東 cv
ALMA Support Scientist and ACDC Deputy Manager
Research SpecialityStar formation; Numerical simulations of jets and outflows
OfficeASMAB1404 (02)2366-5461
photo of Wang, Kuo-Song Wang, Kuo-Song 王國松 cv
ALMA Support Scientist and ACDC Deputy Manager
Research SpecialityMassive star formation, (sub)millimeter interferometry
OfficeASMAB1201 (02)2366-5381
photo of Zhong, Jie-Ying Zhong, Jie-Ying 鍾杰穎 cv
Support Engineer
Research SpecialityMillimeter-wave astronomical instrumentation
OfficeASMAB1032 (02)2366-5377
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OIR / Subaru Telescope / TAOS
photo of Hsieh, Bau-Ching Hsieh, Bau-Ching 謝寶慶 cv
SuMire Project Research Manager
Research SpecialityHigh-z Galaxies, Large Scale Structure, Galaxy and Galaxy Cluster, Near Infrared/ Optical Astronomy
OfficeASMAB1406 (02)2366-5468
photo of Chen, Ying-Tung Chen, Ying-Tung 陳英同 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityOptical data pipeline, Solar System Astronomy
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5356
photo of Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula 戈葆拉 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityExoplanets; planet dynamics, formation and evolution
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5456
photo of Huang, Chung-Kai Huang, Chung-Kai 黃鍾凱 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialitySolar System, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Stellar Occultations, Astronomy Data Modeling, Time Domain Astronomy, Light Curves
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5405
photo of Ishioka, Ryoko Ishioka, Ryoko 石岡涼子 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityClose binary stars, accretion disks, optical observations of transient objects
OfficeASMAB1306 (02)2366-5430
photo of Jian, Hung-Yu Jian, Hung-Yu 簡鴻裕 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityLarge-Scale Structures, Galaxy evolution, Galaxy group and cluster finding
OfficeASMAB1406 (02)2366-5467
photo of Karr, Jennifer Karr, Jennifer 卡兒 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityStar Formation & Interstellar Medium
OfficeASMAB1405 (02)2366-5465
photo of Kimura, Masahiko Kimura, Masahiko 木村仁彥 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityOptical/Infrared Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5352
photo of Ling, Hung-Hsu Ling, Hung-Hsu 凌鴻緒 cv
PFS System Engineer
Research SpecialityCCD/CMOS imaging, infrared detection, molecular beam epitaxy, quantum structure based devices
OfficeASMAB1403 (02)2366-5459
photo of Otten, Gilles Peter Paul Louis Otten, Gilles Peter Paul Louis 歐碁爾 cv
Support Scientist
Research Specialityoptical and infrared instrumentation, exoplanets
OfficeASMAB1109 (02)2366-5307
photo of Wang, Bo-Jhou Wang, Bo-Jhou 王伯洲 cv
ERG Support Scientist
Research SpecialitySpace Plasma Physics, MHD Simulation, Instrument Control Software Development
OfficeASMAB1304 (02)2366-5423 | NCU (03-4227151#65772)
photo of Yan, Chi-Hung Yan, Chi-Hung 顏吉鴻 cv
OIR/EPO Support Engineer
Research SpecialityOIR Image Pipeline, Radio Astronomy
OfficeASMAB1025 (02)2366-5355
photo of Zhang, Zhi-Wei Kiwi Zhang, Zhi-Wei Kiwi 張智威 cv
TAOS Support Engineer/Scientist
Research SpecialityAstronomical Image Process, Computer Language Programming
OfficeASMAB1411 (02)2366-5453
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photo of Chang, Hsiao-Wen Chang, Hsiao-Wen 張曉文 cv
Support Engineer
Research SpecialityMaterials science, Physics and Application of nano devices.
OfficeASMAB1007 (02)2366-5336
photo of Lee, Bangwon Lee, Bangwon 李芳遠 cv
Support Astronomer
Research Specialitymm/sub-mm receiver instrument, Antenna
OfficeASMAB1007 (02)2366-5309
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photo of Krasnopolsky, Ruben Krasnopolsky, Ruben 柯如本 cv
CompAS Project Scientist
Research SpecialityStar formation, MHD simulations
OfficeASMAB1218 (02)2366-5407
photo of Liu, Chun-Fan Liu, Chun-Fan 劉君帆 cv
Theory Support Scientist
Research SpecialityStar formation, Optical and Infrared astronomy, Scientific computing and code development
OfficeASMAB1201 (02)2366-5382
photo of Vaisala, Miikka Vaisala, Miikka 韋米卡 cv
Project Scientist
Research SpecialityMHD turbulence and star formation
OfficeASMAB1405 (02)2366-5466
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photo of Hsiao, Sung-Yun Hsiao, Sung-Yun 蕭淞云 cv
Support Scientist
Research SpecialityNanoSIMS, stable isotope biogeochemistry
OfficeInterdisciplinary Research Building, AS NanoSIMS Laboratory (2787-2298)
photo of Chou, Mei-Yin Chou, Mei-Yin 周美吟 cv
EPO Project Scientist
Research SpecialityChemical abundance analysis, Galactic structure, Galactic archaeology, Star formation
OfficeASMAB815 (02)2366-5415
photo of King, Sun-Kun King, Sun-Kun 金升光 cv
Program Facilitator
Research SpecialityQuantum Optics & Quantum Measurement; Satellite Systems Engineering (Orbit Analysis); Kuiper Belt Objects & Occultation Survey
OfficeASMAB1202 (02)2366-5385
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