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Astronomy-Mathematics Building (ASMAB) Maps

In the winter of 2009, ASIAA moved into the Astronomy-Mathematics Building (ASMAB), located on the campus of the National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei. The Astronomy-Mathematics Building houses the ASIAA, the AS Mathematics Institute and their NTU counterparts (about 800 persons in total), and will enhance the long-term academic collaborations among them. The International Conference Hall on the first floor of this new building, which can accommodate 204 persons, will be available to all Institutes and research centers of Academia Sinica for holding international academic conferences in downtown Taipei.

The ASMAB website provides a collection of photos during construction.

ASIAA on Google Map:
There are 3 MRT stations within walking distance: Gongguan, Taipower Building and Technology Building. This Google map shows the locations of ASIAA nearby hotels and directions from ASIAA to MRT stations.

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Location of ASIAA on NTU Campus Map:
NTU campus map PNG (4096x3276 px)
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Interactive NTU campus maps (Provided by the NTU website)
Academia Sinica (Nankang):
Academia Sinica Google Map
Location and Map of Academia Sinica

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