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Education and Public Outreach at ASIAA

There are 3 goals in education and outreach effort at ASIAA:

  • Bridging the gap of astronomy education and research
  • Promoting ASIAA-led projects and scientific achievement
  • Raising awareness of astronomy in Taiwan

ASIAA Summer Student Program
One of the central missions of the ASIAA is to help educate next-generation astronomers in Taiwan. ASIAA has been working with universities to train graduate students by offering a wide range of research topics in both astronomy and instrumentation. Apart from graduate student program, we are also working to bridge the gap between astronomy teaching and research. The ASIAA Summer Student Program serves this purpose. In July each year we have more than 20 students from both inland and abroad to start their adventure in the world of astronomy research and in last August they present their first research results.

Public Outreach
The Public Outreach effort at ASIAA includes: prints, public relation, promotional and educational activity, multimedia and collaboration with Astronomical societies and museums. The prints include IAA Quarterly, leaflets, staff and research brochures. We also share great contents on Facebook and YouTube channels including the popular series of videos "Ask an Astronomer" etc. Since 2013, ASIAA has started to translate Galaxy Zoo etc in Zooniverse, a citizen science project, into Chinese. For promotional and educational activity we have Academia Sinica Open House, ASIAA Mini Open House@NTU Azalea Festival and Star Party. Find out more on Education and Public Outreach website.
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