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Science Highlight

Unlocking the mystery of the Cosmic Infrared Background2024-04-26
Supercomputer Simulations Decoding the Mass Puzzle of the First Stars2024-04-01
Unveiling the Formation of the First Galaxies2024-03-21
Magnetic Fields Versus Gravity — High-mass Star-formation in Filamentary Network2024-03-08
Giant Magellan Telescope Expands Global Science Impact with Taiwanese Partner2024-02-21
Unveiling the physics of molecular formation in supernova remnant of SN 1987A2024-02-01
Farewell in the Wind: Inefficient Escape of Heavy Hydrogen from Puffy Planets2023-09-25
World's First 3D Simulations Reveal the Physics of Exotic Supernovae2023-09-15
Baby Star Growing Fast through A 3-Layer Pancake-like Protostellar Disk2023-07-04
ALMA Digs Deeper into the Mystery of Planet Formation2023-06-28
Unveiling the Rapid Growth of Supermassive Black Holes2023-06-21
The Stellar Evolution of Massive Binary Stars2023-06-12
General Relativity Verified from The Orientation of Galaxies Separated by Cosmological Distances: A New Means to Explore The Universe2023-04-13
Decoding the Mass Loss of Massive Stars2023-01-18
A 1000x Sharper View - Are Magnetically Stabilized Streamers a Fundamental Building Block in High-Mass Star Formation?2023-01-04
Prime Focus Spectrograph passes significant testing milestone to capture light from many stars at once2022-11-11
The Secret of Very Massive Galaxies Unveiled by the Most Powerful Space Telescope Ever Built2022-11-04
Sublimation of Organic Molecules in a Space Hamburger2022-10-07
Sub-second periodicity in a fast radio burst2022-07-27
S/2019 S 1: One of the closest irregular moons of Saturn2022-06-30
Hey DUDE: Mysterious Death of Carbon Star Plays Out Like Six-Ring Circus2022-03-31
Uncovering The Magneto-Centrifugal Origin of Protostellar Jets2022-03-22
Cosmic flashes pinpointed to a surprising location in space2022-02-24
An Evolved Protostellar System still Growing Fast2022-02-18
From Type Ia Supernova Remnants to Binary Love Stories in Their Previous Life2022-01-27
Stellar Cocoon with Organic Molecules at the Edge of our Galaxy2021-12-09
Roasted and Shredded by a Stellar Sidekick2021-11-23
Dense Molecular Clouds in the Center of Milky Way are Unable to Form Stars2021-09-16
First Light with the ALMA Band-1 Receiver2021-09-08
NAOJ and ASIAA Sign MOU for Scientific Collaboration on the Subaru Telescope2021-08-26
Do Planets Make Only Puffy Gaps?2021-07-21
Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole2021-04-14
Hunting for the supermassive black hole seeds2021-03-10
ALMA reveals the very seeds of stars in the forming for the first time2021-02-22
Discovery of Interaction between Jet and Disk Wind from a Star-Forming Accretion Disk2021-02-08
New Finding on auroral electron acceleration: The acceleration region extends to unexpectedly high altitudes2021-01-18
Violent Cosmic Explosion Revealed by ALMA: the Merging of Massive Protostars?2020-10-28
Einstein's Description of Gravity Just Got Much Harder to Beat2020-10-01
Wobbling Shadow of the M87* Black Hole2020-09-23
JCMT finds hints of Life on Venus2020-09-14
Can Black Hole Fire Up Cold Heart of the Phoenix?2020-08-31
Prospect of GRB jet structures as multi-messenger astrophysical objects2020-08-11
Biggest Cosmic Nuclear Bombs -- See the First Supernovae in Cutting-edge Supercomputer Simulations2020-07-15
ELT METIS Instrument Passes Design Milestone -- ASIAA Joins the Project2020-06-05
The Twist Marks the Spot: ESO Telescope Sees Signs of Planet Birth2020-05-21
World's First 3D Simulations Reveal the Physics of Superluminous Supernovae2020-04-23
The origin of tail-like structures around protoplanetary disks.2020-04-15
The Core Rocks! Hunting the sloshing gas in the center of massive galaxy clusters2020-04-09
Something is Lurking in the Heart of Quasar 3C 279 -- Event Horizon Telescope Images of a Black-Hole Powered Jet2020-04-07
ALMA Resolves Gas Impacted by Young Jets from Supermassive Black Hole2020-03-27
Successful engineering trial of Metrology Camera at Subaru Telescope2020-03-10
Detection of the relativistic cocoon structure around the ultra-relativistic Jet2020-03-04
ALMA Band 1 Receiver Passed the Manufacturing Readiness Review2020-01-31
Cosmic Magnifying Glasses Yield Independent Measure of Universe's Expansion2020-01-09
First Detection of Radio Linear Polarization in a Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow2019-11-08
ALMA Reveals Origin of Mysterious Blast: AT2018cow originated from supernova in a strongly-magnetized, dense environment2019-11-08
An international team joined by Dr. Youichi Ohyama has unveiled one origin of globular clusters around giant galaxies2019-11-05
A Crisis In Cosmology2019-10-23
Feeding a Baby Star Through a Whirlpool in Space2019-10-15
Record-breaking Discovery of the Most Distant Forming Cluster of Galaxies 13 Billion Light Years Away by the Subaru Telescope2019-09-27
The Outer Solar System Origins Survey: A Search for Distant Collisional Remnants2019-08-27
ALMA Identifies Dark Ancestors Of Massive Elliptical Galaxies2019-08-08
Beer On Space Hamburger around a Baby Star — Cheers to the first black hole image!2019-05-08
Gabriel Torrealba of ASIAA finds the most diffuse galaxy in the Universe2018-11-14
Novel Technique turns Chandra/ ALMA images into a "Speedometer" for Sloshing Gas!2018-10-18
Cosmological constraints from the first-year Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam survey2018-09-26
Youngest Accretion Disk Detected in Star Formation: In Support of an “Early-Start, Slow-Growth” Scenario for Accretion Disk Formation2018-09-04
Precise Record of Baby-Stars’ Growth on Millimeter Wavelength2018-08-22
Discovering how the Magnetized Inflow guides the gas to the supermassive black holes2018-08-17
Exciting Structures Discovered in a Young Protoplanetary Disk Lend Strong Support to Planet Formation in the Disk2018-06-20
The Metrology Camera ASIAA built for Subaru Telescope has arrived in Hawaii2018-04-27
Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters2018-04-25
The Discovery of the Dwarf Galaxies Carina II and III by MagLiteS2018-04-19
Magnetic Fields versus Gravity: ALMA Polarization Observations in W512018-04-09
Deep inside Perseus A — A telescope larger than the Earth makes a sharp image of the forming black hole jets in the core of a radio galaxy2018-04-03
No relation between a super-massive black hole and its host galaxy!? — The co-evolution mystery deepened by a new ALMA observation2018-02-20
Astronomers peer into the lair of a mysterious cosmic radio burster2018-01-11
Complex Organic Molecules Found on “Space Hamburger” -- Prebiotic Atmosphere Discovered on Accretion Disk of Baby Star2017-06-29
Baby Star Spits a “Spinning Jet” As It Munches Down on a “Space Hamburger”2017-06-13
Spirals inside a dust gap of a young star forming disk2017-05-15
First Public Data Release by the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program2017-02-28
An international team using gravitational lenses reports new findings that support a faster than expected expansion of the universe. Dr. Suyu, the leader of the team, is a Visiting Scholar and former Assistant Research Fellow of ASIAA, who has conducted important parts of this research at ASIAA.2017-01-26
Techniques developed by ASIAA Adjunct Research Fellow Geoffrey Bower has enabled VLA a breakthrough in Fast Radio Bursts study with "the most accurate location and distance" achieved.2017-01-05
ERG satellite mission in which ASIAA has collaborated with JAXA was launched successfully on December 20th, 2016.2016-12-22
Dr. Geoffrey Bower Found Strong Magnetic Outbursts from a Young Star Hosting a Planet2016-10-19
Associate Research Fellow Dr. Satoki Matsushita and his former summer student found out that the hyperactive galaxy M82 could run out of gas in just 8 million years.2016-08-24
An international team joined by Dr. Ying-Tung Chen has discovered a mysterious object beyond Neptune.2016-08-17
An international team joined by ASIAA Shiang-Yu Wang, Matthew Lehner, Ying-Tung Chen, Mike Alexandersen and Rosemary Pike has discovered a new distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune.2016-07-12
Associate Research Fellow Dr. Michihiro Takami participated in the project for "Hot Jupiter Migration", the results being published in the journal "Nature".2016-06-21
ALMA Reveals Footprints of Baby Planets Imprinted in a Gas Disk2016-05-25
Senior Research Scientist Dr. Youichi Ohyama participated in revealing the ​detailed structure of Galactic Wind using Subaru Telescope2016-02-04
Four GLT members Drs. Keiichi Asada, Geoffrey Bower, Paul Ho, and Makoto Inoue participated in the investigation to reveal magnetic fields at Milky Way’s central black hole using Event Horizon Telescope.2015-12-04
Assistant Research Fellow Dr. Tzu-Ching Chang and Support Scientist Dr. Yu-Wei Liao participated in the project for "Fast Radio Burst", the results being published in the journal "Nature".2015-12-03
"Discovering Dust-Obscured Active Galaxies as They Grow", a new HSC finding Dr. Shiang-Yu Wang co-authored.2015-08-28
New study led by IAA Morata indicates that Brown Dwarfs and Stars share the same formation process.2015-07-24
Virtual Telescope Expands to See Black Holes, ASIAA Joins with H Maser Clock Synchronization Testing.2015-04-22
New discovery revealed that magnetic fields is a crucial force for massive star formation. ASIAA Postdocs Hauyu Liu and Ya-Wen Tang participated in the findings recently published in Nature.2015-04-01
ALMA Revealed Surprisingly Mild Environment around a Supermassive Black Hole. The team member Nanase Harada is now a postdoctoral fellow at ASIAA.2015-02-26
Planet-forming Lifeline Discovered in a Binary Star System2014-10-30
Radio Telescopes Settle Controversy Over Distance to Pleiades2014-09-02
A Measurement of the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Signal Towards Galaxy Cluster MACSJ0717.5+37452013-12-16
Hubble Takes Movies of Space Slinky2013-08-23
Under Leaden Skies: Where Heavy Metal Clouds the Stars2013-08-08
Monster Galaxies Lose Their Appetite With Age2013-08-02
Discovery of a Blue Supergiant Star Born in the Wild2013-04-12
Blobby Old Galaxy Boasts Hidden Arms2012-10-03
Splatters of molten rock signal period of intense asteroid impacts on Earth, raise questions about the source of impactors2012-04-27
Ananda Hota, Chiranjib Konar, Youichi Ohyama and Satoki Matsushita found a Spiral-host Episodic radio galaxy tracing Cluster Accretion (Speca)2011-09-02
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Li-Jin Huang's GRB optical afterglow follow-up at Lulin contributed to Nature paper: "Relativistic jet activity from the tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole"2011-09-02
Post Doctoral Research Fellow Masaaki Otsuka and his colleagues find large amounts of dust in the supernova SN 1987A.2011-07-08
ASIAA scientist finds smoking gun for how multiple star systems form2006-12-21
Theory of Comet Formation in Early Solar System Gains Support2006-12-21
SMA Stares Into the Throat of a Cosmic Jet2005-06-22
Concentric arcs in the Cat's Eye Nebula2004-09-29
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