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Research Specialist/Scientist/Engineer

Research Specialist
photo of Hsieh, Winny Hsieh, Winny 謝佳慧 cv
Chief Administrator/Senior Research Specialist
Research SpecialityManagement Information Systems
OfficeASMAB1114 (02)2366-5326
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Research Scientist
photo of Oyama, Yoichi Oyama, Yoichi 大山陽一 cv
Senior Research Scientist
Research SpecialityOptical/Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Star-forming Galaxies, (U)LIRGs, and high-z AGNs (quasars)
OfficeASMAB1316 (02)2366-5442
photo of Tseng, Yao-Huan Tseng, Yao-Huan 曾耀寰 cv
ITS office manager, Senior Research Scientist
Research SpecialityGPU computing, Parallel Computing, disk-planet interaction, Galactic Dynamics and Large Scale Structure Formation in Universe
OfficeASMAB1402 (02)2366-5458
photo of Wang, Jen-Hung Wang, Jen-Hung 汪仁鴻 cv
Safety Committee Chair, Assistant Research Scientist
Research SpecialityOptical Astronomy, Solar System Minor Bodies, Orbit Determination, Occultation Prediction, Solar System Ephemeris
OfficeASMAB1019 (02)2366-5349
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Research Engineer
photo of Chen, Tse-Jun Chen, Tse-Jun 陳澤潤 cv
Senior Research Engineer
Research Specialitydevice processing
OfficeASMAB1020 (02)2366-5350
photo of Huang, Teddy Huang, Teddy 黃祤杰 cv
Senior Research Engineer
Research SpecialityMechanical Engineering, Radio Receiver System, Project Management Professional
OfficeASMAB1014 (02)2366-5342
photo of Jiang, Homin Jiang, Homin 江宏明 cv
Senior Research Engineer
Research SpecialityDigital Electronic Engineering Control Engineering
OfficeASMAB1017 (02)2366-5347
photo of Li, Chao-Te Li, Chao-Te 李昭德 cv
Senior Research Engineer
Research SpecialitySuperconducting detectors and receivers, Backend signal processing
OfficeASMAB1016 (02)2366-5346
photo of Wen, Chih-Yi Wen, Chih-Yi 溫志懿 cv
Senior Research Engineer
Research SpecialityInstrument Software Engineering, High Energy Physics
OfficeASMAB1012 (02)2366-5339
photo of Han, Johnson Han, Johnson 韓之強 cv
Associate Research Engineer
Research SpecialityAstronomical telescope receiver, Receiver frontend instrument
OfficeASMAB1015 (02)2366-5344
photo of Chou, Chueh-Yi Chou, Chueh-Yi 周瞿毅 cv
Assistant Research Engineer
Research SpecialityGalaxy evolution, astronomical instrumentation
OfficeASMAB1308 (02)2366-5416
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