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Postdoc/Visiting Postdoc

photo of , Shyam Sunder , Shyam Sunder 沙翔聖 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityPulsars
SupervisorPen, Ue-Li
photo of Ashton, Edward James Ashton, Edward James 艾旭敦 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialitySolar System
SupervisorWang, Shiang-Yu; Lehner, Matthew
OfficeASMAB1406 (02)2366-5469
photo of Baker, Daniel Thomas Baker, Daniel Thomas 貝丞雙 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityPulsars
SupervisorPen, Ue-Li; Tseng, Yao-Huan
OfficeASMAB1302 (02)2366-5417
photo of Chiang, I-Da Chiang, I-Da 江宜達 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityInterstellar dust, molecular gas, radio data reduction, ISM in the nearby galaxies, multiwavelength observation of ISM
SupervisorHirashita, Hiroyuki; Chen, Chian-Chou
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5427
photo of Clarke, Seamus David Colin Henry Clarke, Seamus David Colin Henry 凱嘉煒 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research Specialitystar formation, ISM structures, molecular clouds, filaments, numerical simulations
SupervisorTang, Ya-Wen; Liu, Sheng-Yuan; Shang, Hsien
OfficeASMAB1103 (02)2366-5303
photo of Das, Indrani Das, Indrani 印卓妮 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityRole of magnetic field in star formation, Computational Astrophysics and Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation, Protostellar disks and giant planet formation
SupervisorShang, Hsien; Ohashi, Nagayoshi
OfficeASMAB1405 (02)2366-5464
photo of Eie Lee, Sujin Eie Lee, Sujin 李秀珍 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityRadio magnetars, Fast Radio Bursts, Radio pulsars, Radio Observation, Radio data reduction
SupervisorPen, Ue-Li; Tseng, Yao-Huan
OfficeASMAB1302 (02)2366-5420
photo of Flores Gonzalez, Christian Alejandro Flores Gonzalez, Christian Alejandro 柯理思 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar Formation; Young stars and Protostars; Stellar Magnetic fields; Protoplanetary Disks
SupervisorOhashi, Nagayoshi; Shang, Hsien
OfficeASMAB1220 (02)2366-5409
photo of Hammer, Michael Andrew Hammer, Michael Andrew 雷麥克 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityComputational planet formation, protoplanetary discs
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai; Gu, Pin-Gao
OfficeASMAB1109 (02)2366-5307
photo of Hsu, Shih-Ying Hsu, Shih-Ying 許世穎 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, astrochemistry, radio Astronomy, cosmic ray
SupervisorLee, Chin-Fei; Yen, Hsi-Wei
OfficeASMAB1303 (02)2366-5428
photo of Jeter, Britton Harold Jeter, Britton Harold 紀柏特 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityBlack holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, Jets, Variability, and Computational Astrophysics
SupervisorAsada, Keiichi; Chen, Chian-Chou
OfficeASMAB1421 (02)2366-5477 | Science Education Building, NTNU Gongguan Campus SE707 (02-77496781)
photo of Lehmann, Marius Lehmann, Marius 李曼 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityAstrophysical Discs: Hydrodynamics, Protoplanetary disks, Planetary Rings, Instabilities, Disk-Satellite Interactions
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai; Gu, Pin-Gao
OfficeASMAB1413 (02)2366-5471
photo of Li, Chuan-Jui Li, Chuan-Jui 李傳睿 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityType Ia and core-collapse supernovae; supernova remnants and their interaction with the interstellar medium.
SupervisorChu, You-Hua; Chen, Ke-Jung
OfficeASMAB1202 (02)2366-5384
photo of Lin, Sheng-Jun Lin, Sheng-Jun 林聖鈞 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, Dense cores, Radio astronomy
SupervisorLiu, Sheng-Yuan; Hirano, Naomi
OfficeASMAB1413 (02)2366-5471
photo of Lopez Coba, Carlos Alberto Lopez Coba, Carlos Alberto 駱沛思 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityIntegral Field Spectroscopy, Outflows, Kinematic of galaxies
SupervisorLin, Li-Hwai
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5418
photo of López-Vázquez, Jesús Alejandro López-Vázquez, Jesús Alejandro 洛丞衛 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, stellar winds, radio astronomy
SupervisorLee, Chin-Fei; Hirano, Naomi
OfficeASMAB1220 (02)2366-5409
photo of Matsuoka, Tomoki Matsuoka, Tomoki 松岡知紀 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialitySupernova, Supernova remnants, Stellar evolution, Massive stars, High energy astrophysics
SupervisorChen, Ke-Jung; Hirashita, Hiroyuki
OfficeASMAB1202 (02)2366-5383
photo of Monteiro De Oliveira, Rogerio Monteiro De Oliveira, Rogerio 孟羅傑 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityGalaxy clusters, Superclusters, Weak gravitational lensing, Dark matter
SupervisorLin, Yen-Ting; Umetsu, Keiichi
OfficeASMAB1306 (02)2366-5429
photo of Murphy, Aisling Murphy, Aisling 馬夢晴 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, protostellar jets and outflows
SupervisorTakami, Michihiro; Lee, Chin-Fei
OfficeASMAB1327 (02)2366-5437
photo of Narang, Mayank Narang, Mayank 皓月 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityExoplanets, Protostars, YSO, Star-Planet Interactions
SupervisorOhashi, Nagayoshi; Takami, Michihiro
OfficeASMAB1201 (02)2366-5381
photo of Romero-Canizales, Cristina Romero-Canizales, Cristina 羅夢柔 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityRadio/mm studies of interacting/merging galaxies; Galaxy evolution and star formation; Radio transients (supernovae, tidal disruption events)
SupervisorMatsushita, Satoki; Asada, Keiichi
OfficeASMAB1403 (02)2366-5460
photo of Roy Choudhury, Shouvik Roy Choudhury, Shouvik 羅哲仙 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityTheoretical Cosmology
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5426
photo of Sai, Jinshi (Choi, Insa) Sai, Jinshi (Choi, Insa) 崔仁士 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research Specialitystar formation, disk formation, mm/submm astronomy
SupervisorYen, Hsi-Wei; Takami, Michihiro
OfficeASMAB1303 (02)2366-5428
photo of Shim, Junsup Shim, Junsup 沈準燮 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityCosmology, Large-scale Structure
SupervisorOkumura, Teppei
OfficeASMAB1302 (02)2366-5419
photo of Smallwood, Jeremy Lewis Smallwood, Jeremy Lewis 司杰洛 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityPlanet formation, Protoplanetary Disks, Hydrodynamics
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5418
photo of Tam, Sut Ieng Tam, Sut Ieng 譚雪瑩 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityGalaxy Clusters, Gravitational Lensing, Dark Matter
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi; Lin, Yen-Ting
OfficeASMAB1306 (02)2366-5429
photo of Teachey, Alexander Teachey, Alexander 齊孝嵐 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research Specialityexoplanets and exomoons
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5456
photo of Thieme, Travis John Thieme, Travis John 陸哲軒 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar Formation, Protostellar Disk Formation and Evolution, Radio Astronomy
SupervisorYen, Hsi-Wei; Ohashi, Nagayoshi
OfficeASMAB1310 (02)2366-5449
photo of Vijarnwannaluk, Bovornpratch (Klod) Vijarnwannaluk, Bovornpratch (Klod) 韋柏文 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityActive Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy evolution. Check out my website for more details!
SupervisorWang, Wei-Hao; Chen, Chian-Chou
OfficeASMAB1421 (02)2366-5477
photo of Wang, Jia-Wei Wang, Jia-Wei 王嘉瑋 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, interstellar magnetic fields
SupervisorKoch, Patrick; Su, Yu-Nung
OfficeASMAB1403 (02)2366-5459
photo of Wang, Shih-Hao Wang, Shih-Hao 王士豪 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research Specialityultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, fast radio burst, radio pulse detection
SupervisorPen, Ue-Li; Nam, Jiwoo
OfficeChee-Chun Leung Cosmology Hall, NTU R7N2 (02-33668649)
photo of Yamaguchi, Masayuki Yamaguchi, Masayuki 山口正行 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityPlanet formation; circumstellar disk structure and its evolution. Radio astronomy; aperture synthesis and imaging techniques for radio Interferometers. Statistical mathematics (sparse modeling) and machine learning.
SupervisorHirano, Naomi; Yen, Hsi-Wei
OfficeASMAB1201 (02)2366-5382
Visiting Postdoc
photo of Bi, Jiaqing Bi, Jiaqing 畢嘉擎 cv
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow(University of Toronto)
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai
photo of Toba, Yoshiki Toba, Yoshiki 鳥羽儀樹 cv
Visiting Postdoc Fellow (NAOJ)
Research SpecialityExtragalactic Astronomy
SupervisorWang, Wei-Hao; Oyama, Yoichi
photo of Zeegers, Sascha Tamara Zeegers, Sascha Tamara 諸葛莎夏 cv
Visiting Postdoc Fellow (ESA-ESTEC)
Research SpecialityInterstellar dust.
SupervisorShang, Hsien; Ohashi, Nagayoshi
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