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The Theoretical Astrophysics (Theory)

Ejection History of Protostellar Outflow IRAS 04166+2706
Image Credit: L.-Y. Wang and H. Shang
Ejection History of Protostellar Outflow IRAS 04166+2706
Illustration of wind model (left) and attempts to reproduce the velocity pattern of the blue lobe of the I04166 jet (right). The upper part of the left illustration shows two pieces of spherical shell layers, whose velocities point purly in spherical-r directions. The lower part shows how they appear on a position-velocity diagram, where two tooth-like features is seen. Such features greatly resemble the observed velocity pattern in the right. In the upper-right panel we plot the observed CO J=2–1 and CO J=3–2 emissions with blue contours, and the green line segments are model predictions. The color scale in the lower-right panel shows the synthesized CO J=2–1 PV diagram from one of our MHD numerical simulations. The good agreement demonstrates the feasibility of the wind geometry model. The simulated data was convolved with a Gaussian beam of 420 AU FWHM before extracting the PV diagram to better mimic the observation result.
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