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Dust evolution simulation in a spiral galaxy
Image Credit: Hiroyuki Hirashita, Shohei Aoyama
Dust evolution simulation in a spiral galaxy
We simulated the evolution of a spiral galaxy with N-body/SPH (Aoyama, Hou, Hirashita, et al. 2017). We implemented the evolution of dust in the simulation. This figure shows the face-on view of the surface densities of small grains (left-hand column) and large grains (right-hand column) at t = 1 and 5 Gyr (top to bottom). We observe that at 1 Gyr, the stellar dust production is still important, which predicts much more large grains than small grains. At 5 Gyr, interstellar processing of dust (especially, dust disruption by shattering and dust growth by accretion) makes the enhancement of small grains. The results are consistent with the observed radial distribution of dust grains.
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