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Research Gallery > The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA)

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The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA)

Wideband Analog Correlator Module, AMiBA Project
Image Credit: Derek Kubo
Wideband Analog Correlator Module, AMiBA Project
Photos of analog correlator module. Left - top view of module with custom low noise DC amplifier board. Right - bottom view of custom 4-lag wide-band analog correlator module consisting of two 4-way Wilkinson power dividers and four double balanced mixers.
This analog correlator module accepts two 2-18 GHz IF inputs from a pair of antennas and provides cross correlation outputs with 90 degree lags (at 10 GHz) for a single baseline. The output from the four mixers are amplified by 1000 V/V and fed to a Voltage-to-Frequency converter for demodulation and time integration. A total of 169 of these modules were installed into the system to support 13 dual polarization elements. RF portion designed by Ferenc Marki (Marki Microwave), DC amplifier and system design by Derek Kubo, Chaote Li, Warwick Wilson (ATNF).
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