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Subaru Telescope (SUBARU)

Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) for Subaru Telescope
Image Credit: ASIAA
Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) for Subaru Telescope
The Prime Focus Instrument of PFS.
With HSC (Hyper SuprimeCam) close to completion, we continue to work with Subaru for the next instrument. To complement the capability of HSC, Japan has decided to develop the multiple objects spectrograph for the prime focus of Subaru telescope in late 2010. PFS (Prime Focus spectrometer) is a fiber fed spectrograph system with a fiber positioner system designed to be mounted at the prime focus of the Subaru 8.2m telescope on Mauna Kea, and feeding 4 fixed spectrographs mounted near the Nasmyth focus. With 2400 fibers and fiber positioners, PFS allows simultaneous spectral observations of up to 2400 astronomical targets.
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