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Smallwood, Jeremy Lewis
Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
photo of Smallwood, Jeremy Lewis
Office: ASMAB 1401
TEL: +886-2-2366-5418
FAX: +886-2-2367-7849
Email: jlsmallwood_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Research Interests

Planet formation, Protoplanetary Disks, Hydrodynamics

Journal Papers affiliated with ASIAA

  1. Smallwood JL; Martin RG; Lubow SH, "Formation of polar circumstellar discs in binary star systems" , MNRAS: 520(2), 2952-2964, April, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  2. Smallwood JL; Yang C-C; Zhu Z; Martin RG; Dong R; Cuello N; Isella A, "Exciting spiral arms in protoplanetary discs from flybys" , MNRAS, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
TEL: 886-2-3365-2200 FAX: 886-2-2367-7849
General: asiaa_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw Media Request: epo_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw
11F of AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building, No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C.