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World’s First 3D Simulations Reveal the Physics of Superluminous Supernovae
First galaxies
Hydrodynamical evolution of supernovae and its effect on galaxy evolution
The HII region around the first star
Hypernovae and GRB
3D pair-instability supernova model
3D radiation hydrodynamical simulation of Colliding Shells
How a supernova affects a nearby star-forming galaxy?
An exploding supermassive star
Chemical Enrichment of the First Supernovae
Magnetar-powered Superluminous Supernovae
Chen, Ke-Jung
Assistant Research Fellow
photo of Chen, Ke-Jung
Office: ASMAB 1420
TEL: +886-2-2366-5457
FAX: +886-2-2367-7849
Email: kjchen_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Education and Positions

  • Affiliated Center Scientist, National Center for Theoretical Sciences (2020~present)
  • Assistant Research Fellow, ASIAA (2018~present)
  • EACOA Fellow, NAOJ and ASIAA (2015~2018)
  • IAU-Gruber Fellow, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz, USA (2013~2015)
  • Johnston Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Minnesota, USA (2012~2013)
  • KITP Graduate Fellow, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, USA (2012)
  • Physics PhD, University of Minnesota (2013)

Honors & Awards

  • EACOA Fellowship (2015~2018)
  • IAU Gruber Fellowship (2013~2015)
  • APS Travel Award for Excellence in Graduate Research (2 awards) (2012~2013)
  • Johnston Fellowship, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2012~2013)
  • AAS International Travel Grant (5 awards) (2011~2015)
  • UC HiPACC Travel Grant (3 awards) (2011~2014)
  • APS DAP Travel Award (2 awards) (2011~2012)
  • Mentoring Award for College Student Research, MOST (2020)
  • Young Scholar Innovation Award, Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship (2019)
  • Outstanding Mentor Award, National Taiwan Science Education Center (2019)
  • The finalist in Poster and Graphics, NSF Scientific Visualization Competition (Vizzies) (2016)
  • The Best Dissertation in Physical Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2015)
  • The NERSC Achievement Award, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2015)
  • Grants-in-Aid for Research, Sigma Xi Foundation (2012)
  • KITP Graduate Fellowship, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (2012)
  • The Best Paper Prize, Cefalu Meeting: Advances in Computational Astrophysics (2011)
  • The Best Poster Prize, Research Exhibition of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (2011)
  • APS International Travel Grant (2011)
  • Thesis Research Grant, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2010)
  • NSF International Travel Grant (2009)
  • Edmond Franklin Fellowship, Physics Department, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2008)

Professional and Academic Societies

  • Member, International Astronomical Union (IAU) (2018~present)
  • Member, Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA) (2010~present)
  • Member, American Astronomical Society (AAS) (2010~present)
  • Member, American Physical Society (APS) (2010~present)
  • Associate Member, Sigma Xi (2012~2015)
  • Member, SciDAC Computational Astrophysics Consortium (2009~2012)

Research Interests

My research interest in computational astrophysics focuses on modeling the supernovae explosions and their cosmological impact by using multidimensional hydrodynamics/radiation/cosmological simulations. These supernovae are from the death of massive stars triggered by core-collapse, magnetar, pair-instability, and general-relativity instability.

Recent Journal Papers

My Publications from ADS

  1. Chen Ke-Jung* , "Physics of Superluminous Supernovae" , International Journal of Modern Physics D, 2021 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  2. Chen Ke-Jung*, Woosley S. E., Whalen Daniel J., "Gas Dynamics of the Nickel-56 Decay Heating in Pair-instability Supernovae" , The Astrophysical Journal: 897(2) 152, 2020 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  3. Chen Ke-Jung*, Woosley S. E., Whalen Daniel J., "Three-dimensional Simulations of Magnetar-powered Superluminous Supernovae" , The Astrophysical Journal: 893(2) 99, 2020 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  4. Woods TE; Agarwal B; Bromm V; Bunker, Andrew, Chen Ke-Jung; et al., "Titans of the early Universe: The Prato statement on the origin of the first supermassive black holes" , Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia: 36, e027, 2019-01 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  5. Chen Ke-Jung*, Whalen Daniel J., Wollenberg Katharina M. J., Glover Simon C. O., Klessen Ralf S., "How the First Stars Regulated Star Formation. II. Enrichment by Nearby Supernovae" , ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL: 844(2), 111, 2017 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  6. Chen Ke-Jung*, Heger Alexander, Whalen Daniel J., Moriya Takashi J., Bromm Volker, Woosley S. E., "Low-energy Population III supernovae and the origin of extremely metal-poor stars" , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: 467(4), 4731-4738, 2017 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  7. Chen Ke-Jung*, Moriya Takashi J., Woosley Stan, Sukhbold Tuguldur, Whalen Daniel J., Suwa Yudai, Bromm Volker, "Magnetar-powered Supernovae in Two Dimensions. II. Broad-line Supernovae Ic" , The Astrophysical Journal: 839(2), 85, 2017 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  8. Chen Ke-Jung*, Woosley S. E., Sukhbold Tuguldur, "MAGNETAR-POWERED SUPERNOVAE IN TWO DIMENSIONS. I. SUPERLUMINOUS SUPERNOVAE" , The Astrophysical Journal: 832(1), 73, 2016 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  9. Chen Ke-Jung*, Bromm Volker, Heger Alexander, Jeon Myoungwon, Woosley Stan, "COSMOLOGICAL IMPACT OF POPULATION III BINARIES" , The Astrophysical Journal: 802(1), 13, 2015 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  10. Smidt Joseph, Whalen Daniel J., Chatzopoulos E., Wiggins Brandon, Chen Ke-Jung, Kozyreva Alexandra, Even Wesley, "FINDING THE FIRST COSMIC EXPLOSIONS. IV. 90–140 Msun PAIR-INSTABILITY SUPERNOVAE" , The Astrophysical Journal: 805(1), 44, 2015 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  11. Chen Ke-Jung*, "Pair-instability supernovae of fast rotating stars" , Modern Physics Letters A: 30(02), 1530002, 2015 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  12. Chen Ke-Jung*, Heger Alexander, Almgren Ann S., "Numerical approaches for multidimensional simulations of stellar explosions" , Astronomy and Computing: 3-4, 70-78, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  13. Chen Ke-Jung*, Heger Alexander, Woosley Stan, Almgren Ann, Whalen Daniel J., "PAIR INSTABILITY SUPERNOVAE OF VERY MASSIVE POPULATION III STARS" , The Astrophysical Journal: 792(1), 44, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  14. Whalen Daniel J., Smidt Joseph, Heger Alexander, Hirschi Raphael, Yusof Norhasliza, Even Wesley, Fryer Chris L., Stiavelli Massimo, Chen Ke-Jung, Joggerst Candace C., "PAIR-INSTABILITY SUPERNOVAE IN THE LOCAL UNIVERSE" , The Astrophysical Journal: 797(1), 9, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  15. Chen Ke-Jung* , "Supernovae at the cosmic dawn" , International Journal of Modern Physics D: 23(05), 1430008, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  16. Chen Ke-Jung*, Heger Alexander, Woosley Stan, Almgren Ann, Whalen Daniel J., Johnson Jarrett L., "THE GENERAL RELATIVISTIC INSTABILITY SUPERNOVA OF A SUPERMASSIVE POPULATION III STAR" , The Astrophysical Journal: 790(2), 162, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  17. Chen Ke-Jung*, Woosley Stan, Heger Alexander, Almgren Ann, Whalen Daniel J., "TWO-DIMENSIONAL SIMULATIONS OF PULSATIONAL PAIR-INSTABILITY SUPERNOVAE" , The Astrophysical Journal: 792(1), 28, 2014 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  18. Whalen Daniel J., Even Wesley, Smidt Joseph, Heger Alexander, Chen Ke-Jung , Fryer Chris L., Stiavelli Massimo, Xu Hao, Joggerst Candace C., "SUPERMASSIVE POPULATION III SUPERNOVAE AND THE BIRTH OF THE FIRST QUASARS" , The Astrophysical Journal: 778(1), 17, 2013 [SCI] (Fulltext)
  19. Johnson Jarrett L., Whalen Daniel J., Even Wesley, Fryer Chris L., Heger Alex, Smidt Joseph, Chen Ke-Jung, "THE BIGGEST EXPLOSIONS IN THE UNIVERSE" , The Astrophysical Journal: 775(2), 107, 2013 [SCI] (Fulltext)
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TEL: 886-2-3365-2200 FAX: 886-2-2367-7849
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