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Matsuoka, Tomoki
Postdoc Fellow
photo of Matsuoka, Tomoki
Office: ASMAB 1202
TEL: +886-2-2366-5383
FAX: +886-2-2367-7849
Email: tmatsuoka_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Education and Positions

  • Postdoctoral fellow in ASIAA (2023~present)
  • Postdoctoral researcher in The University of Tokyo (2023)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion Science research fellow (JSPS DC2) (2021~2023)
  • Ph.D. in Kyoto University, Japan (2020~2023)
  • M.Sc. in Kyoto University, Japan (2018~2020)
  • B.Sc. in Tohoku University, Japan (2014~2018)

Research Interests

I am studying core-collapse supernovae and stellar evolution of massive stars, making use of theoretical simulations. My recent interests are mainly as follows: 1. Stellar evolution of massive stars and its connection with supernovae, 2. Supernova ejecta - circumstellar medium interaction, and 3. Modeling of radio supernovae and supernova remnants.


My Publications from ADS

Journal Papers affiliated with ASIAA

  1. Matsuoka T; Kimura SS.; Maeda K; Tanaka M, "A New Insight into Electron Acceleration Properties from Theoretical Modeling of Double-peaked Radio Light Curves in Core-collapse Supernovae" , ApJ: 960(1), id.70 (13 pp), Jan, 2024 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  2. Matsuoka T; Sawada R, "Binary Interaction Can Yield a Diversity of Circumstellar Media around Type II Supernova Progenitors" , ApJ: 963(2), id.105 (12 pp), Mar, 2024 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
TEL: 886-2-3365-2200 FAX: 886-2-2367-7849
General: asiaa_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw Media Request: epo_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw
11F of AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building, No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 106216, Taiwan, R.O.C.