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Holiday Calendar (2017)

Date Holidays
2017-01-01SunFounding Day of the Republic of China
2017-01-02MonAdjusted Holiday (in place of 1/1)
2017-01-27FriChinese New Year's Eve
2017-01-28~2017-02-01Fri~WedChinese New Year
2017-01-31TueAdjusted Holiday (in place of 1/28)
2017-02-01WedAdjusted Holiday (in place of 1/29)
2017-02-18SatAdjusted Workday (in place of 2/27)
2017-02-27MonAdjusted Holiday (in place of 2/18)
2017-02-27~2017-02-28Mon~TuePeace Memorial Day
2017-04-03~2017-04-04Mon~TueTomb Sweeping Day & Children's Day
2017-05-01MonLabor Day
2017-05-29MonAdjusted Holiday (in place of 6/3)
2017-05-30TueDragon Boat Festival
2017-06-03SatAdjusted Workday (in place of 5/29)
2017-09-30SatAdjusted Workday (in place of 10/9)
2017-10-04WedMoon Festival
2017-10-09MonAdjusted Holiday (in place of 9/30)
2017-10-10TueNational Day
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