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Cryogneic 30-50 GHz Orthomode Transducer (OMT)
Cryogenic 8-18 GHz Intermediate Frequency Amplifier Module for Wide Bandwidth Receiver
Cryogenic IF Low Noise Amplifier
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for ALMA Band-1
A MMIC Layout of a voltage-control-oscillator
Chiong, Chau-Ching
Senior Project Engineer
photo of Chiong, Chau-Ching
Office: ASMAB 1103
TEL: +886-2-2366-5304
FAX: +886-2-2367-7849
Email: ccchiong_replace2@_asiaa.sinica.edu.tw

Education and Positions

  • Specialist, ASIAA (2010~present)
  • Postdoc, ASIAA (2004~2010)
  • Postdoc, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany (2003~2004)
  • Ph.D, Astronomy, University Bonn, Germany (2000~2003)
  • M.Sc., Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (1997~1999)

Research Interests

Current research interests include large-array and focal-plane array receiver systems and very low noise systems in radio astronomical applications using MMICs.


Complete List of Publications

Journal Papers affiliated with ASIAA

  1. Nakamura F; Chiong C-C; Taniguchi K; Chien C; Ho C-T; Hwang Y-J; Yeh Y-T; Shimoikura T; Yamasaki Y; Liu S-Y; Hirano N; Lai S-P; Nishimura A; Kawabe R; Dobashi K; Fujii Y; Yonekura Y; Ogawa H; Nguyen-Luong Q, "An ultra wide-band, high-sensitivity Q-band receiver for single-dish telescopes, eQ: rest frequency determination of CCS ( JN = 43 - 32 ) and SO ( JN = 10 - 01 ), and high-redshift CO ( J = 1-0) detection" , PASJ: (), (20pp.), 2024, Accepted [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  2. Huang WZ; Wang YS; Liu SW; Chiong CC; Wang H, "A 30–50-GHz Ultralow-Power Low-Noise Amplifier With Second-Stage Current-Reuse for Radio Astronomical Receivers in 90-nm CMOS Process" , IEEE Microwave and Wireless Technology Letters: 33(5), 555-558, May, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  3. Wang Y; Chiu T-Y; Chiu T-Y; Yu K-J; Teng Y-M; Huang G-W; Li C-H; Kuo C-N; Chiong C-C; Wang H, "A K-a-to G-Band Detector With 5.5-GHz Video Bandwidth Using a Modified Traveling-Wave Structure in 65-nm CMOS Technology" , IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II-Express Briefs: 70(4), 1371-1375, April, 2023 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  4. Chiong CC; Wang YS; Chang KC; Wang H, "Low-Noise Amplifier for Next-Generation Radio Astronomy Telescopes: Review of the State-of-the-Art Cryogenic LNAs in the Most Challenging Applications" , IEEE Microwave Magazine: 23(1), 31-47, Jan, 2022 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  5. Tatematsu KI; Yeh Y-T; Hirano N; Liu S-Y; Liu T; Dutta S; Sahu D; Evans NJ, Ii; Juvela M; Yi H-W; Lee J-E; Sanhueza P; Li S; Eden D; Kim G; Lee C-F; Wu Y; Kim K-T; T'oth LV; Choi M; Kang M; Thompson MA; Fuller GA; Di L; Wang K; Sakai T; Kandori R; Hsu S-Y; Chiong C-C; JCMT Large Program SCOPE collaboration; ALMASOP collaboration, "Nobeyama Survey of Inward Motions toward Cores in Orion Identified by SCUBA-2" , ApJ: 931(1), id.33 (24pp), May, 2022 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  6. Lu B-Z; Wang YS; Wu Y-C; Chiong CC; et al., "A Submilliwatt K-Band Low-Noise Amplifier for Next Generation Radio Astronomical Receivers in 65-nm CMOS Process" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 30(7), 669-672, Jul, 2020 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  7. Chen Y; Chen C-N; Chiong C-C; Wang H, "A Compact 40-GHz Doherty Power Amplifier With 21% PAE at 6-dB Power Back Off in 0.1- μ m GaAs pHEMT Process" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 29(8), 545-547, Aug, 2019 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  8. Hu J-H; Choing C-C; Hwang Y-J; Tsai Z-M, "E-Band Mixer With IP1dB Design Consideration for Radio Astronomical Instrumentation" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 28(5), 452-454, May, 2018 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  9. Wu Y-C; Chiong C-C; Tsai J-H; Wang H, "A Novel 30-90-GHz Singly Balanced Mixer With Broadband LO/IF" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 64(12), 4611-4623, Dec, 2016 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  10. Kao JC; Lin KY; Chiong CC; Peng CY; Wang H, "A W-band High LO-to-RF Isolation Triple Cascode Mixer With Wide IF Bandwidth" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 62(7), 1506-1514, July, 2014 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  11. Yeh H-C; Chiong C-C; Chen M-T; Wang H, "Review of Millimeter-Wave MMIC Mixers" , IEEE Design & Test: 31(6), 38-45, Nov-Dec, 2014 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  12. Yeh H-C; Chiong C-C; Chen M-T; Wang H, "Advances in Silicon Based Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Integrated Circuits" , Micromachines: 5(4), 1373-1415, Dec, 2014 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  13. Yeh H-C; Aloui S; Chiong C-C; Wang H, "A Wide Gain Control Range V-Band CMOS Variable-Gain Amplifier With Built-In Linearizer" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 61(2), 902-913, Feb, 2013 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  14. Weng SH; Chang H-Y; Chiong C-C, "Gain-Bandwidth Analysis of Broadband Darlington Amplifiers in HBT-HEMT Process" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 60(11), 3458 - 3473, Nov, 2012 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  15. Yeh H-C; Chiong C-C; Aloui S; Wang H, "Analysis and Design of Millimeter-Wave Low-Voltage CMOS Cascode LNA With Magnetic Coupled Technique" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 60(12), 4066 - 4079, Dec, 2012 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
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  17. Chang HY; Weng SH; Chiong CC, "A 30-50 Ghz Wide Modulation Bandwidth Bidirectional BPSK Demodulator / Modulator With Low LO Power" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 19(5), 332-334, May, 2009 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  18. Kuo JJ; Tsai ZM; Huang PC; Chiong CC; et al., "A Wide Tuning Range Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using Common-Base Configuration and Inductive Feedback" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 19(10), 653-655, Oct, 2009 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  19. Lin Y-S; Hsieh Y-S; Chiong C-C; Hwang Y-J, "Q-band GaAs bandpass filter design for ALMA band-1" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 19(6), 353-355, June 1, 2009 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  20. Weng SH; Chang HY; Chiong CC, "A DC-21 GHz Low Imbalance Active Balun Using Darlington Cell Technique for High Speed Data Communications" , IEEE Microw Wirel Co: 19(11), 728-730, Nov, 2009 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
  21. Lee J; Lai RB; Chen CC; Lin CS; Lin KY; Chiong CC; Wang H, "Low Insertion-Loss Single-Pole-Double-Throw Reduced-Size Quarter-Wavelength HEMT Bandpass Filter Integrated Switches" , IEEE T Microw Theory: 56(12, Sp. Iss. Part 2), 3028-3038, Dec, 2008 [SCI] ( ADS | Fulltext )
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