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The Theoretical Astrophysics

Dust enrichment in a cosmic volume
Image Credit: Aoyama et al.
Dust enrichment in a cosmic volume
Cosmological simulation with dust formation and destruction
We calculate dust production and evolution with cosmological simulations. In our simulation, we include dust production by stars, destruction by supernovae or hot gas, and growth in molecular clouds, and dust-dust interaction (shattering and coagulation). We separately calculate the abundances of large (> 0.03 micron) and small grains (< 0.03 micron) to obtain the information on the grain size distribution. In the figure below, we show the time evolution (at z = 6.1, 2.4, 1.0, and 0.0) of the projected density field of gas, small and large grains. The simulation box size is 50 h-1 Mpc (Aoyama et al. 2018). Based on this result, we are now calculating the statistical properties of dust emission at various redshifts.
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