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Postdoc/Visiting Postdoc

photo of , Abdurrouf , Abdurrouf 杜雷夫 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityGalaxy formation and evolution, structural properties of galaxies, Galaxy-halo connection, modelling and analysis of panchromatic SED of galaxy
SupervisorLin, Yen-Ting; Lin, Li-Hwai
OfficeASMAB1327 (02)2366-5437
photo of Agrawal, Aniket Agrawal, Aniket 安尼克 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityCosmology, inflation, large scale structure
SupervisorOkumura, Teppei
OfficeASMAB1303 (02)2366-5428
photo of Alexandersen, Mike Alexandersen, Mike 丹麥珂 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityObservational astronomy, planetary astronomy, small bodies in the Solar System
SupervisorWang, Shiang-Yu; Lehner, Matthew
OfficeASMAB1411 (02)2366-5453
photo of Aoyama, Shohei Aoyama, Shohei 青山尚平 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityCosmic dust, numerical simulation, cosmology
SupervisorHirashita, Hiroyuki; Wang, Wei-Hao
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5418
photo of Aso, Yusuke Aso, Yusuke 麻生有佑 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research Specialityradio astronomy, star formation, protostellar disk
SupervisorHirano, Naomi; Su, Yu-Nung
OfficeASMAB1103 (02)2366-5303
photo of Auddy, Sayantan Auddy, Sayantan 歐勝陽 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar Formation, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation, Molecular cloud structure (NPDFs and filaments)
SupervisorLin, Min-Kai
OfficeASMAB1306 (02)2366-5429
photo of Chang, Yu-Yen Chang, Yu-Yen 張雨晏 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityGalaxy Formation and Evolution; Structural Parameters of Galaxies; Active Galactic Nuclei
SupervisorWang, Wei-Hao; Lin, Li-Hwai
OfficeASMAB1403 (02)2366-5460
photo of Chiu, I-Non Chiu, I-Non 邱奕儂 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityObservational Cosmology, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Evolution, Gravitational Lensing, Photometric Redshift Estimation, X-ray and Sunyaev–Zel'dovich Effect (SZE), Statistical Modelling.
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi; Okumura, Teppei
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5427
photo of Diaz Garcia, Luis Alberto Diaz Garcia, Luis Alberto 迪路易 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityExtragalactic Astronomy.
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi; Lin, Li-Hwai
OfficeASMAB1303 (02)2366-5421
photo of Fanciullo, Lapo Fanciullo, Lapo 范伯承 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityInterstellar Dust
SupervisorKemper, Francisca; Ho, Paul
OfficeASMAB1421 (02)2366-5477
photo of Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula 戈葆拉 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityExoplanets; planet dynamics, formation and evolution
SupervisorWang, Shiang-Yu; Lehner, Matthew
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5456
photo of Higuchi, Yuichi Higuchi, Yuichi 樋口祐一 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityCosmology, Gravitational lensing, Large-scale structure of the Universe
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi; Lin, Yen-Ting
OfficeASMAB1327 (02)2366-5437
photo of Hsieh, Pei-Ying Hsieh, Pei-Ying 謝佩穎 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityGalactic/Extragalactic Astronomy;Galactic dynamics; Galactic center
SupervisorKoch, Patrick; Su, Yu-Nung
OfficeASMAB1404 (02)2366-5462
photo of Hsieh, Tien-Hao Hsieh, Tien-Hao 謝天晧 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation, Interstellar medium
SupervisorHirano, Naomi; Lee, Chin-Fei
OfficeASMAB1202 (02)2366-5383
photo of Hsu, Li-Ting Hsu, Li-Ting 徐麗婷 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityActive galactic nuclei, supermassive black hole formation and evolution
SupervisorLin, Li-Hwai; Wang, Wei-Hao
OfficeASMAB1406 (02)2366-5469
photo of Koay, Kevin Jun Yi Koay, Kevin Jun Yi 郭駿毅 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityActive galactic nuclei, time domain radio astronomy, interstellar scintillation and scattering
SupervisorMatsushita, Satoki; Bower, Geoffrey
OfficeASMAB1305 (02)2366-5426
photo of Koyama, Shoko Koyama, Shoko 小山翔子 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityActive Galactic Nuclei, VLBI
SupervisorAsada, Keiichi; Hirashita, Hiroyuki
OfficeASMAB1220 (02)2366-5409
photo of Li, Chuan-Jui Li, Chuan-Jui 李傳睿 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityMultiwavelength observational studies of Type Ia supernova remnants (SNRs): nature of SN progenitors, surviving companions, physical structures and collisionless shocks of SNRs
SupervisorChu, You-Hua; Chen, Ke-Jung
OfficeASMAB1202 (02)2366-5384
photo of Lin, Ming-Yi Lin, Ming-Yi 林明儀 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStar formation and Active galactic nuclei, feeding and feedback mechanism, gas and stars kinematics, and multi-wavelength observations.
SupervisorKoch, Patrick; Bower, Geoffrey
OfficeASMAB1324 (02)2366-5438 | Hilo (808-961-2955)
photo of Marshall, Jonathan Marshall, Jonathan 馬恩迪 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityDebris discs and exoplanets
SupervisorKemper, Francisca; Ho, Paul; Takami, Michihiro
OfficeASMAB1404 (02)2366-5463
photo of Matsumoto, Yuji Matsumoto, Yuji 松本侑士 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityPlanet Formation, Exoplanets, Chondrules
SupervisorGu, Pin-Gao; Takami, Michihiro
OfficeASMAB1405 (02)2366-5464
photo of Munoz Gutierrez, Marco Antonio Munoz Gutierrez, Marco Antonio 穆馬可 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialitySolar System Dynamics, Debris Disks
SupervisorWang, Shiang-Yu; Lehner, Matthew
OfficeASMAB1421 (02)2366-5477
photo of Pan, Hsi-An Pan, Hsi-An 潘璽安 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityMolecular Clouds, Galactic-Scale Star Formation
SupervisorLin, Li-Hwai; Ho, Paul; Su, Yu-Nung
OfficeASMAB1201 (02)2366-5381
photo of Pike, Rosemary Pike, Rosemary 丹睿詩 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialitySolar System: Trans-Neptunian Object Dynamics and Surfaces
SupervisorWang, Shiang-Yu; Lehner, Matthew
OfficeASMAB1306 (02)2366-5430
photo of Scicluna, Peter Scicluna, Peter 石悅 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityRadiative transfer and dust
SupervisorKemper, Francisca; Ho, Paul; Hirashita, Hiroyuki
OfficeASMAB1302 (02)2366-5419
photo of Simpson, James Simpson, James 辛杰修 cv
EACOA Postdoc
SupervisorWang, Wei-Hao
OfficeASMAB1220 (02)2366-5409
photo of Torrealba, Gabriel Torrealba, Gabriel 杜瑞 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityMilky Way Halo substructure, ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, systematic searches in photometric surveys, and data-mining.
SupervisorLin, Yen-Ting; Umetsu, Keiichi
OfficeASMAB1401 (02)2366-5418
photo of Ueda, Shutaro Ueda, Shutaro 上田周太朗 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityStructure formation, Thermal evolution of baryons, X-ray study of intracluster medium
SupervisorUmetsu, Keiichi; Lin, Yen-Ting
OfficeASMAB1302 (02)2366-5417
photo of Vaisala, Miikka Vaisala, Miikka 韋米卡 cv
Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityMHD turbulence and star formation
SupervisorShang, Hsien; Liu, Sheng-Yuan
OfficeASMAB1405 (02)2366-5466
Visiting Postdoc
photo of Toba, Yoshiki Toba, Yoshiki 鳥羽儀樹 cv
Visiting Postdoc Fellow
Research SpecialityExtragalactic Astronomy
SupervisorWang, Wei-Hao; Oyama, Yoichi
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