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Subaru Telescope

The metrology camera optics under tests in ASIAA
The first color image (M31) of HSC_zoomed
The first color image (M31) of HSC_zoomed
The Prime focus instrument of PFS.
The first color image of HSC.
The FEU running with HSC installed
The FEU running with HSC during the observation
Subaru Telescope Collaboration
Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) for Subaru Telescope
Mass Distribution in and around the Galaxy Cluster MACS J1206.2-0847
Lensing galaxy cluster CL0024+1654 (z=0.395)

Following the success of collaboration with CFHT, ASIAA started to work with Subaru telescope in 2008 in order to access to larger aperture telescopes. ASIAA has contributed to the wide field visible camera Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC). It will be the largest format optical camera with 116 2kx4k CCD detectors covering a 1.5 degree field of view. This is a factor of 10 improvement over the existing Suprime Cam, and will have a total performance, as measured by the product of the aperture size and the field of view, which will exceed that of all other telescopes. The main scientific goal of the HSC will be the study of weak gravitational lensing over large areas of the sky. Approximately 2000 square degrees will be surveyed in 5 year period. From gravitational lensing, the total mass distribution (ordinary matter as well as dark matter) of clusters of galaxies will be surveyed. From the distribution of the clusters, the cosmic shear will be examined, and the role of dark energy to the acceleration of the Universe will be constrained.

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