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Planetary Sciences

Planetary Sciences

Contribution of several MMRs populations to the production of JFCs
Number of cometary nuclei required to sustain a population of JFCs in steady state.
Diffusion map around the small moon Aegaeon (Saturn LIII).
TNO surface colors in g, r, and z bands
TAOS II enclosures at San Pedro Mártir Observatory
TAOS II Telescope.
Weather on a Hot Jupiter
A super Earth in the habitable zone_animation gif
A back-scattered image of the E44 CAI from the CV3 Efremovka chondrite taken on a scanning electron microscope
A new initial abundance of 41Ca in the early solar system
The distribution of 26Al/27Al in spinel-hibonite spherules extracted from CM chondrites
Hot Jupiters on Prograde/Retrograde Orbits
Planet traps and the population of exoplanetary systems
Asymmetric distribution of dust in an eccentric protoplanetary disk
Yields of 7Be, 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, and 53Mn for a chondritic chemistry and the spectral parameters p = 4 and 3He/1H = 0.3
Yields of 7Be, 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, and 53Mn for a chondritic chemistry and the spectral parameters p = 4 and 3He/1H = 0.3
Yields of 7Be, 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, 41Ca, and 53Mn for a chondritic chemistry and the spectral parameters p = 4 and 3He/1H = 0.3
Tidal and Magnetic Interactions Between a Hot Jupiter and its Host Star in the Magnetospheric Cavity of a Protoplanetary Disk
The Dust Buster mass spec
SMA observations of the Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)

At ASIAA, we have a growing community of planetary scientists who are involved in a wide range of research topics.

Solar System Science: Observations

In our own Solar System, the Transneptunian Auotmated Occultation Survey (TAOS II) aims to measure the size distribution of Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) and objects in the Inner Oort Cloud. TAOS II is currently under construction at San Pedro Mártir Observatory in Baja California, Mexico. This new survey will be more than one hundred times as powerful as its predecessor (TAOS).

In addition to TAOS II, the group is involved with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program (HSC SSP) survey using the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) on the Subaru telescope. The survey will cover up to 1400 deg.2 down to a magnitude of g’=26.4. The planetary science group at ASIAA has taken the lead on the Solar System science program of this survey. HSC SSP is the deepest/widest survey to date with the capability to detect the faint/small moving objects, including asteroids, Centaurs and TNOs. A new pipeline and algorithm built by the ASIAA team has detected more the two hundred TNOs and few thousand asteroids. This work is ongoing, but the results should provide the most accurate measurement to date of the faint end magnitude distribution of TNOs. This will be particularly important when combined with the expected results from TAOS II. The two surveys will have a small but significant overlap in sensitivity as a function of object size/magnitude, and will thus provide a continuous estimate of the TNO size distribution with diameters 0.5 km < D < 100 km.

Finally, our group is part of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS). OSSOS is using the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) to search 168 deg.2 of the sky for TNOs down to a limiting magnitude of r’=24.5. The survey is expected to discover about 1000 new TNOs and provide a well characterized orbit for each object. This data set will allow our team to use both the discovery and subsequent follow-up data to interpret the fully debiased characteristics of the various dynamical TNO sub-populations, providing clues to their origins.

Our group is involved in several different sub-projects of the OSSOS survey

  • We are involved in the Colours of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (ColOSSOS), a large program on both the Gemini-North telescope and CFHT. The survey aims to provide high precision simultaneous photometry in u', g', r', and J bands of about 140 TNOs discovered by OSSOS. Our results have shown that accurate color measurements of TNOs is an important tool in the classification of these objects.
  • Our group has used HSC to measure light curves of 60 OSSOS objects. We are currently analyzing the data in an attempt to correlate rotational periods and amplitudes to the dynamical TNO class.
  • OSSOS has detected the largest characterized sample set ever of twotinos, objects in the 2:1 mean motion resonance with Neptune. With the completely debiased sample of these objects, we are able to model the current intrinsic population of twotinos, which is key to understand the process of giant planet migration process in the early Solar System.

Solar System Science: Theory

On the theoretical side our group is involved in several areas of research. The first of these concerns the origin and dynamical evolution of the Solar System, in particular the orbital structure of the Kuiper Belt, Scattered Disc and Oort cloud. This work ties in directly with the TAOS and TAOS II projects. In addition, work is being done on the evolution of the terrestrial and giant planets at the time of the Late Heavy Bombardment of the terrestrial planets.

We are also involved in work studying active asteroids (which include main-belt comets and disrupted asteroids) with initiatives including searching for active objects in various data sets, such as the HSC, Pan-STARRS, and Palomar Transient Factory surveys, using numerical simulations to study their dynamical behavior, and performing physical characterization studies of individual objects. The ice content inferred for MBCs makes them extremely interesting targets in terms of astrobiology, while studying the disruptive processes (rotational break-ups and impacts) that cause activity in disrupted asteroids will give us insights into how these processes shape small bodies in our solar system and give us clues as to their internal structure and composition.

Exoplanets: Theory

Besides the Solar System, we are engaging in research work on exoplanets. Hot Jupiters are intensely illuminated, and tidally interact with their parent stars. Atmospheric circulation on a hot Jupiter driven by stellar irradiation is being investigated in terms of linear waves. Tidal interactions can dramatically change the interior structure of a young hot Jupiter and even destruct the planet in the T-Tauri star phase, which may explain the mass distribution of hot Jupiters observed today. Numerical simulations are being conducted to study the influence of a planet embedded in a protoplanetary disk to interpret the ALMA results in the near future.

Research Members (20)

Wang, Shiang-Yu 王祥宇 cv Acting Director; Research Fellow
Research Interest: Infrared sensor, Optical/Infrared Instrumentation, Semiconductor devices
Shang, Hsien 尚賢 cv Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Research Interest: Origins of Solar Systems, Meteorites, Planetary material, CAIs, Chondrules, and Isotopes
Gu, Pin-Gao 辜品高 cv Associate Research Fellow
Research Interest: exoplanets, protoplanetary disks, interstellar shocks
Lin, Min-Kai 林明楷 cv Assistant Research Fellow
Research Interest: planet formation, disk-planet interaction, planet migration, accretion disks
Wen, Chih-Yi 溫志懿 cv Senior Research Engineer
Research Interest: Instrument Software Engineering, High Energy Physics
Wang, Jen-Hung 汪仁鴻 cv Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interest: Optical Astronomy, Solar System Minor Bodies, Occultation Prediction, Solar System Ephemeris
Kuan, Yi-Jehng 管一政 cv Joint Research Fellow; Dept. Earth Sciences, NTNU
Research Interest: Astrochemistry, Molecular Astrophysics, Molecular Clouds and Astrobiology
Chang, Rex Chan-Kao 章展誥 cv Visiting Scholar (NCU)
Research Interest: Rotation period
Marshall, Jonathan 馬恩迪 cv Research Scholar
Research Interest: Exoplanets; dynamics, disc-planet interactions
Chen, Ying-Tung 陳英同 cv Support Scientist
Research Interest: Optical data pipeline, Solar System Astronomy
Huang, Chung-Kai 黃鍾凱 cv Support Scientist
Research Interest: Solar System, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Stellar Occultations, Astronomy Data Modeling, Time Domain Astronomy, Light Curves
King, Sun-Kun 金升光 cv Program Facilitator
Research Interest: Kuiper belt objects; Diffraction due to occultation
Otten, Gilles Peter Paul Louis 歐碁爾 cv Support Scientist
Research Interest: optical and infrared instrumentation, exoplanets
Zhang, Zhi-Wei Kiwi 張智威 cv TAOS Support Engineer/Scientist
Research Interest: Trans-Neptunian Objects in outer Solar System
Ayala Loera, Ma Del Carmen 甘雅玫 cv Postdoc Fellow
Research Interest: Solar System, TransNeptunian Objects, Light scattering
Granados Contreras, Agueda Paula 戈葆拉 cv Postdoc Fellow
Research Interest: Exoplanets and orbital dynamics
Munoz Gutierrez, Marco Antonio 穆馬可 cv Postdoc Fellow
Research Interest: Solar system dynamics; debris disks origin and evolution; planetary rings dynamics; comets.
Teachey, Alexander Macaulay 齊孝嵐 cv Distinguished Postdoc Fellow
Research Interest: exoplanets, exomoons, machine learning, big data, detection methods
Eduardo, Marielle 蘇星曄 cv Assistant
Research Interest: outer Solar System, Trans-Neptunian Objects
Lehner, Matthew 連馬修 cv Adjunct Research Fellow / Chief Scientist TAOS-2
Research Interest: Optical Astronomy,Trans-Neptunian Objects

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