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Research Gallery > The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA, formerly AMiBA)

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The Yuan Tseh Lee Array (YTLA, formerly AMiBA)

AMiBA-13 SZE maps
Image Credit: ASIAA
AMiBA-13 SZE maps
SZE maps of 8 clusters observed by AMiBA 13-element array. Size of each map is 12’x12’, slightly larger than the half-power width of the primary beam, shown as the large green circle. Shaded ellipse at the bottom left of each map represents the synthesized beam. Contours show the signal-to-noise ratio separated by 1-sigma, starting from 3-sigma (positive and negative).
Galaxy clusters provide an independent method of examining any viable model of cosmic structure formation through the growth of structures and by the form of their equilibrium mass profiles, dominated by DM of an unknown nature, complementing CMB and galaxy clustering observations. The AMiBA project observes the disturbances to CMB radiation by the hot plasma residing in the deep potential wells of galaxy clusters. Data reduction and systematic effect improvements of AMiBA have been one of the major efforts of the cosmology group. Since June 2011, science operation of the 13-element array of AMiBA (AMiBA-13) resumed and is routinely carried out. The figure highlights 9 galaxy clusters measured by AMiBA-13 through the SZE during 2011-2012.
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