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Joint ASIAA-University Postdoctoral Positions

Closing Date: November 15, 2021

The Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA), jointly with National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) , have several openings for Postdoctoral Associates in research areas of cosmology, galaxy formation, and star and planet formation.
ASIAA is located in the main campus of NTU in Taipei, Taiwan, in the same building of the Graduate Institute of Astrophysics of NTU. It is also about 1 km away from the Departments of Physics and Earth Sciences of NTNU. The postdoctoral positions are created to enhance scientific collaborations among the four geologically nearby institutions. The successful candidates will be based in either NTU or NTNU, so that the Associates can benefit from resources and intellectual stimuli from both institutions. Office, salary, and benefits will be provided by the chosen university and are subject to the standards set by the university. The Associates will have access to the observational facilities made available to the Taiwanese community by ASIAA (SMA, ALMA, JCMT, CFHT, Subaru open time and time exchange with Gemini and Keck, and Subaru HSC Survey) and will be strongly encouraged to collaborate with ASIAA scientists. When an ASIAA collaboration is established and a co-supervisor is identified among the ASIAA faculty, the Associate will be regarded to also be affiliated with ASIAA, and will have access to additional resources at ASIAA such as computing and travel funding.
In 2021 and 2022, we have the following NTU and NTNU faculty members seeking postdoctoral researchers:
Hsi-Yu Schive
(Graduate Institute of Astrophysics at NTU) works on (i) fuzzy (wave) dark matter and (ii) the development of a GPU-accelerated adaptive mesh refinement code GAMER. Candidates working in related research areas, for example, simulations/theories of various dark matter models (e.g., CDM/WDM/SIDM/FDM), numerical implementation and astrophysical applications of baryonic feedback, cosmic rays, radiative transfer, neutrino transport, or GRMHD are particularly welcome. More information about Prof. Schive can be found on this page.
Ting-Wen Lan
(Graduate Institute of Astrophysics at NTU) is currently focused on understanding the physical processes that drive galaxy evolution, using large survey datasets in combination with statistical and machine learning techniques. Expertise in one or more of the following areas is desirable: (1) statistical analysis of large datasets, (2) machine learning techniques, (3) galaxy evolution, (4) cosmology. The successful applicants will work with Prof. Lan and his collaborators on projects of mutual interest. More information about this position can be found on this page.
Ya-Lin Wu
(Physics Department at NTNU) carries out multiwavelength observations of substellar objects, particularly the wide-orbit companions in nearby star-forming regions. We seek candidates working on protoplanetary disks, brown dwarfs, and exoplanets. Applicants are encouraged to describe their research plans for telescopes accessible to the Taiwanese astronomy community. Novel ideas using the Lulin 1m telescope are also very welcome.
Yueh-Ning Lee
(Department of Earth Sciences at NTNU) works on numerical simulations and theories of star formation. We welcome candidates in relevant disciplines including stellar clusters, interstellar medium, early solar system evolution, or primordial stars, etc. More information about the works of Prof Lee can be found on this page.
Applicants are required to submit their applications through ASIAA's online system and follow the general guideline of the application procedures described in this ASIAA's main job AD. Applicants should indicate the name of the university faculty member they would like to work with in a cover letter, should the applicants choose to apply for the ASIAA-University Postdoctoral Associate positions.
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